I Am So Excited!


After I get back from this trip to Illinois I get to start planning my Disney Vacation for next year !! I cannot wait . We are going next Feb. for 7 days ! We are going to stay at Port Orleans Riverside ( I almost wrote Dixie Landings) . We are going Mon. - Sun. and then on Fri. The rest of my DH’s family is coming up. It is going to be so much fun ! I hardly ever get to post anymore and can’t wait for this trip planning to start so I can be on all the time again. I have been so busy with this wedding we are going to and focusing on losing weight that I didn’t really want to sit on the computer.I did reach my goal I lost 20 lbs. before the wedding and got into the bridesmaid dress I ordered a size too small! YAY!!! Anyway, I am looking forward to being around again soon !


Very exciting! Time to start planning away! Be sure to post ALLLLL your plans here on DC!


that is awesome…hope you have a great time when you do go! woo hoo from baloo!


Congrats on the weight loss!! I can’t wait to hear all about your plans!!


Oooh, I am so excited to hear all of your plans when you start planning! Congrats on fitting into that bridesmaid dress too…:whistling That is awesome!!


Planning is half the fun and now you can get started! Congratulations on losing 20 pounds–that’s awesome!!