I am so excited


It has been almost 2 years since we have been to Disney and it is official we are going back!!

DH had booked our rooms for Oct and Nov. We are staying at CBR Oct 2-8 and at the Contemporary Nov 28-Dec 1. This will be the first time that we will be staying at both resorts.


Congratulations :wub: hope you have a fantastic time.:mickey:


Aesome! it’s been about the same for me, and I’m going on September 28! I’m staying at the Contemporary for the first time, too, so I’m really excited.:smile:


I’m arriving the same day…celebrating the big 4…O! Looking forward to Food and Wine Festival too!


Yes, the Food and Wine Festival is really good–although it really drives up the crowd level in World Showcase. I love being able to sample food and drinks from so many different places!


We love food and wine also. We had to skip it last year bc the birth of our DS.


Congrats on 2 trips!!