I am so upset


My dad is taking my siter to WDW for her dance schoool, and he wont take me!


If I were your dad, I’d feel so guilty about it.
But don’t worry, there’s always time for other WDW trips!


Justin, don’t get too upset. I know how much you :heart: Disney as much as all of us here but maybe your Dad felt like they needed a special father/daughter trip? Or maybe he is going to SUPRISE you and take you? Either way, you are young and have a whole LIFETIME of trips ahead of you. I am sure your Dad won’t let you down, one way or another he’ll make it up to you. :heart:


I can understand that you would be upset by this. But try to think of how nice it will be for your dad & sister to have the time together, and remember, your Dad will probably plan a trip for just the two of you as well. It’s just her turn this time!


I’m sorry but like everyone said just wait, there may be a surprise for you too! :mickey:


Aw man, that stinks. It’s okay that you’re upset, I’d be bummed out, too. In a very big way. But everything happens for a reason. Sometimes you just have to wait to find out what that reason is. There’s a good side to everything. When you discover what it is, let us know! Hang in there. You’re among friends!


What a bummah.



Chin up kiddo. Good things will come your way too


Don’t worry, be happy (sorry, couldn’t resist) Sad thing is you’re so young you’ve probably never heard that song!!!

Anyway, as a parent of teens, things even out. They always do!


Hey dude!!

Hang in there!! Sometimes Dads and daughters need alone time too, bet you and he’ll get your turn for some quality time too!!


My parents did the same to me. Sent my brother on a trip to WDW, never sent me.

Sweet justice–the experience wound up ruining WDW for my brother.

And, until she died, my mom always gave Lil’ and I a bunch of $$$ towards our Disney trips.