I am soooo sad


our 2 weeks in Disney is over!! It went by so fast but we had a great time despite the unususal heat (for this time of year) and long lines!! Now back to reality!!


Welcome home! Hope to read a TR and see some pics


I would love to do a TR but I am not too computer literate. Not sure I could figure out the picture part!!:laugh:


Glad to hear you had a great time, welcome back! We’d love to hear more details…


Glad you had a GREAT time. :smile: But the part about ‘unusual heat & long lines’ is freaking me out a bit. :pinch:


I feel your pain :laugh: but come on just a little!


Please don’t let that stop you. I’ve already written several reports before I learned how to add pictures. And I’m still not sure I do that right.:laugh: I struggle to add a few pictures and some add lots and lots, so I’m sure I’m missing something.:blink:


Best time: Planning

Second-best time: Arrival and first day…

Third-best time: Planning your next trip!


Oh sorry your trip is over, its always such a let down, isn’t it? How hot was it??


Just be prepared. The heat here has been BRUTAL!!!


We also just returned last night. I think that was the hottest it has ever been during one of our Disney trips. Actual temps of 98-99 and heat index of 110. Whew!


Yep, reality is the sad part.


That’s HOT. We went last year during the first week of June and it was about that hot. We didn’t expect it because a couple of years before that we were there at the same time and it was beautiful, not hot at all.


No matter how long the trip it always flies by. I hope you do a trip report, I would love to hear about your two weeks.


I hate coming home from WDW! I know exactly how you are feeling. I do hope you do a trip report, though.:happy:


There were days that the temperature was 98-100 degrees. I do remember the car thermometer reading 100 in the shade!!! For this reason, we usually left the regular parks in the afternoon and went back after dinner. As for the lines, if you got there the second the rope dropped, you were fine. One day we got to HS at 9:15 am and the TSM line was already at 90 minutes!! Another day we got there early and the line was 20 minutes and we got a fastpass for about 2 hours later. Just depends, I guess!! During the late morning through evening the major attractions(TSM, ToT, Rockin’ Rollercoaster, EE, Splash, BTMRR, KRR, Soarin’,TT) were always 90-120 minute waits. Still had fun, though!!