I am soooo stupid


Yesterday I booked our airfare for our September trip.

I said to myself that it was a weird time to be arriving in Orlando as it was listed as exactly an hour earlier than we should arrive. I figured that the time change was not listed properly.

Well…it had been nagging me all day so I went and double checked our information and I have us Leaving MCO to MDW on our way there and reversed on our way back!!!

I am in the process of getting a hold of Southwest to have this fixed. Boy, I hope it does not cost me an arm and a leg, as I have 7 flights to change!

Wish me luck!



oh boy…at least it’s with Southwest. I don’t think you should have to much of an issue. One year I accidently booked the wrong day going there and it cost me whatevr I saved on the airfare itself to have it fixed…


It should be no problem with southwest. You can probably cancel it and rebook yourself online without a problem. I almost did it myself last year but with a different airline and it would not have been as easy to fix. Good Luck.


You can go online and change it yourself easily. Pull up your flight and just modify.


OMG thanks everyone!

I have been booking all of my airfare on line for the past 8 years and I have never done that!

Anyway…I was so freaked out that I did not try to do it myself but I called SW and the lady (Fiona) was wonderful. She cancelled my original reservation and held the funds then she sat on the phone with me while I completely started over with a new reservation. Then she gave me the information to “apply funds” to my new reservation and of course it was $300 more but its no big deal b/c that was the original fare we had expected to pay anyway!

So alls well that ends well.

The moral of todays story is always trust your gut. If I just ignored my gut telling me that there was something wrong with the arrival time we would have been in big trouble when we arrived at the airport!



At least you figured it out today, not on travel day. That would have been way too awful…


Glad you got it all fixed! :happy: And you are not stupid! :happy:

That is something I would of done too:blush:


I’m glad you got it fixed too Lisa. I had to change a flight for my daughter yesterday with Air France, she needed to go back to France a week earlier than she had originally booked. Air France were very nice, but still charged her a £71.00 ‘admin’ fee which is around $120.00 I guess. That seems a little steep just for a few clicks on a computer.


Good catch. Southwest is awesome about canceling and rebooking.


Don’t beat yourself up! I once booked a two-week trip from the beginning of June to the end of July. :redface:


I’m glad to hear that you were able to get it fixed.


I do stuff like that ALL the time! I’m glad you were able to fix it! Let the countdown begin!!! YIPEE!!!


Oooh that sounds like a nice vacation :laugh:


This just happened to me with my cruise in Feb.:pirate:


Well interesting,but the good news is it is SWA,please remember that SWA is always having new promos and on some of my flights with them the fare i originally paid was lowered and they allow you to get that lower fare,the difference gets put in a fund for your next trip…so check the fares on your itinerary often


It’s an easy mistake to make! Glad it all got resolved and that you caught it ahead of time.