I am SOOOOO mad at Southwest


So my dates finally open this morning on Southwest. Up bright and early at 6am to book my flights. Only have limited choices of non-stop at $99 each way, but hey, they work! Start the procedure up, put in my info, hit puchase and get at the top “OOPs, your flights are not available.” I think that’s odd, so I call and they tell me the flights are available, so I tell them to book me. No, now the price has gone up $50. They won’t honor the $99. I think that is some kind of bait and switch. How can they up the price when you already were booking the flight?


There has got to be an explanation. Could be the merger. But I have always been pleased w/SW.


The airlines don’t merge until 2012.


I just went to price my April flights and they are crazy! 4 r/t non stop from Providence RI to MCO 4/16 - 4/23 $2965.60 !!!:ohmy::ohmy:


This exact same thing happened to me on a different airline. It was like the price on the internet was a mistake. I called and they quoted me a higher price and I checked online again and the price had gone up. I think they posted it by accident and while I was trying to make ressies they figured it out and changed it. The same thing may have happened to you. I was so mad when it happened! I’m sorry you had to deal with this too.


I have found this to happen to me when I am booking multiple tickets. It’s not bait and switch it’s that there may be one or two tickets still left at the discount price, but there may not be the number of tickets that you want left.

Try putting it in again with only one ticket.


I know that folks here love SW, but I’ve never been able to fly with them due to price. They really jack up their rates during the spring break season, and Delta always manages to come up with a great price at some point.

I had the same experience today. My round trip non stop for 4 from Indy is coming in at $1589.60; from Louisville is a bit better at $1351.60. Oh, and the departure times aren’t what I’d like to see. We’ve budgeted about $1000 (including bags) this year.

Unless something crazy happens, it looks like we’re driving this year. :frown:


Ddoll is right. I have found 1-2 tickets at a price, but more tickets and the price was higher. Also, if you call SW to book the rate is higher than if you book on the internet. I was told this when I called to book once. The rep told me to make it online to save $$ because she could not match the price.


Well, I ended up booking the flight down a couple hours later for $99, but the return flight is just rediculous. It’s already up to $163 from this mornings $99. So didn’t book the return yet. Taking a gamble to see if it will go down again at some point. It is 6 months out, so still have a little time to see.


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YIKES!!! I guess I got really lucky because I just booked out flights for March 17-21 for $74 each way. And before I got those great prices I reduced my Oct flight to $64 down and $74 back…so I took the credit and applied it to the March dates :happy:

It may be because I fly out of BWI which is one of their big hubs and soon to be even bigger with the Air Tran merger…Curious to see what happens with that since each of the two airlines are on different ends of the airport.

Keep watching because I have gotten better fares as the dates have gotten closer but if you are flying during holiday time it may not go down only up :pinch: What about returning on an “off” day? I am pretty sure that one of the other reasons the fares I got are so good is because I am flying on a Thursday and a Monday.


in the computer world ,you must be fast…it is not purchased until paid for…so in the future have all of your info done and purchase choice decided and do it as fast as possible …that fare is only good for you as long as someone or some travel agent hasn’t procured them for someone else…especially the day they release them …you also arte dealing with spring break…SWA in some cases is charging more for weekends…etc…but when you find a fare that is comfortable take it and there is a chance that the fare will come down …sign up for ding and in many occasions fares that are not out to the general public are out there for ding participants…but once again be fast ,very fast ,but when you find a fare that you are comfortable with purchase it and chances are it might go down…swa charges nothing to change for lower fare


I had the same problema few weeks ago for Airtran, but I just booked the return. Our friends just went ahead and did the whole thing for $60 more than I was hoping. I have not seen those prices yet and am kicking myself for not booking. I hope they will come down and check multiple times a day. They on the other hand are free and relaxed. :pinch:


Okay, update on flights (if anyone is interested). So I booked the flight to Orlando at $99, but was waiting for a better deal on the return flight. Well…that was driving me nuts! So, after watching the flights all day today, and seeing a couple choices go up in price, I decided to bite the bullet and just book the return flight. Got a good time slot for $163. Well, out of curiousity, I decided to check 45 minutes later and guess what. The time slot I just purchased is now at $211. So, although I’m still upset about missing out on the $99 return flight, what I have is still much better than what it is now.


WOW. That is so ridiculous that the flight prices change at the drop of a hat…
I always drive down (cheaper for us, and it saves us no time to fly…) But I would be CRAZIER than I already am if I had to chase the ticket prices…

And the airlines wonder why people are frustrated with them…

Glad that you get to go though…


price changes are computerized when certain inventory is taken …then the price goes up,also like I said before,check at least twice a week ,tues and friday for any flight rate changes for your itinerary,also sign up for DING…they run specials for all markets that you cannot see on the regular web site…put in the airports that concern you and keep watching the ding icon on the compputer ,especially 1-3 months before your flights …but they could happen at anytime


That is because you just purchased those tickets and there are now less seats available for that flight. That’s why I mentioned trying to book one seat at a time. The less seats there are, the higher the price for those remaining.