I am surprised there is not more interest in this


I am actually really surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of interest in the “2005 Disney Yearbook” that the Disney Insider is starting to sell. I really thought this would be something DCers would suck up in a heartbeat. I noticed Tragic and I both posted about it and nobody really said they were going to pre-order/buy it.

I am just curious, what are your opinions on it? Do you think it’s too highly-priced? Not enough intriguing content? Waiting to hear reviews about it?

What do you think?

These were the threads were talked about it…




I paid the pre-order price for this book, I bought the hard cover. I wanted to try it once to see if I liked it, especially since they stopped publishing the Disney Magazine.


I did the same thing PhilliesFan. I pre-ordered the hardcover b/c I also think it will be a great collectible, especially for the 50th. i also thought the DVD that comes with the pre-ordered hardcover sounded awesome.


I’ve never even heard about it. So - is it like a synopsis of WDW through the years? I can’t order anything from the States, because the shipping and handling costs are ridiculous. Usually more than the item costs.


I haven’t heard all that much about it; I figured I’d wait and see how it turned out.


I’m waiting for reviews.


I’m just not really interested. :tongue: I was subscribed to Disney Insider, and got annoyed by it, so I cancelled the email.

I’m just not into the whole Disney trivia/behind the scenes thing. And the only reason I’d even think about ordering this is because of it covering HCOE. Even then, it’d probably just be something to sit on the shelf collecting dust - I doubt I’d even read it.


Wish, I never even heard about this thing. As usual, you’re opening my eyes to things I never saw yet… You are always doing that… :wub:

I’m not really sure if this is something I’d get much use out of… I mean, it’s just the stuff that happened in 2005… If I bought it, I’d have to get the best one, the hardcover version, and $49.95 is a little much for a book… I don’t know… I’d like to see one first…


I guess I am only into trip planning books. :huh:


I voted “other” I WANT to buy it but I am as poor as a mouse :sad:
As soon as I can gather up $24.99 USD I will buy it…but who knows when that’ll be.


I never even heard of it…PLUS…I am just a po’ girl trying to pay the rent…
I’d have to settle for the soft cover…oh well…when I get paid maybe


I’m super interested, but I’m broke. So even though I don’t find it all that expensive, I’m really watching what I spend my money on.


Sorry Wish totally missed it! I think I might order a copy now.