I am tired of waiting!


Well I got tired of waiting on DH job to let him know details, so I went ahead and booked my own (oh and DD also) WDW vacation today. I started with my airfare. SWA $69 each way…pretty good. I am going to make ressies at Shades of Green right now. Hope they still have room for me. Told DH if he ever gets his TDY orders he may be able to join me.

See you all there May 5-15!!! :tongue:


Lucky you!! good job on that airfare. It costs me 300 per ticket to get from here to Detroit alone :pirate:
Have you stayed at SoG before?


I am jealous of your airfare deal!

Congrats qm!


I’m jealous of your whole trip!!

But congrats! The airfare sounds like a steal! Can’t wait to hear more details. :happy:


No rooms at SoG…uh oh! Now where.


Uh oh :frowning: Can they get you in part of the trip?


I’m gonna miss you by about 4 days… :sad:


Good for you! If they won’t agree to go…do it yourself! Hopefully your DH will be able to join the two of you, but if not you’ll still have a good time!


Did you ask about thier overflow rate? It can be a pretty good one at one of the Disney resorts.


Great deal on the airfae!
We’ll be there the same time as you. Heres to low crowds and great weather!


Waiting anxiously to hear where you’re going to be able to stay… I know you’ll find something!


Woohoo!! Sounds like a blast to me!!


See… if you would have stayed with the plan you would have been there the same day she arrives!
Just some more razing from your pal Ron!

Hey Queensmama what time do you get to Disney on the 5th? We fly out late that night!


Yay!!! :c) I’ll get to meet Queensmama!!! does a happy dance

Oh, and congrats to you! You get a trip! :laugh:


Hey… Erin when are you going to be at Disney???


Great fare!

If soG is full I have heard that you can get an overflow rate at a WDW resort. Call and ask what rates they have for you.


Hooray trip planning time! Maybe this is your excuse to stay somewhere else. What are the rates like at SOG compared to Mods?


The rate depends on your rank. I think we paid $96 per night 2 years ago and thought it was a bargin for the room we got and the over all resort. SoG used to be a deluxe resort and still has that feel.


Congrats on the Trip! May is a wonderful time to go becasue you’ll be able to check out the Flower & Garden Show at EPCOT. Have you looked at rates for Pop Century or All-Star?


Waiting for Monday to call and speak with someone…heres to hoping I will be able to get one.

2:30 probably not near enough time to meet.

Well then I expect to see not only Erin, but you also at the Tiggeriffic Meet and Greet :biggrin: