I am under 20 days


I have hit the teens!!! Should I start acting as obnoxious as Boss Mouse :angel:


My dear girl. The question is “Can I…”
Feel free to follow my lead as I head into less-than-one-week territory.


Don’t do it EB!!! He is from the Dark Side! :ohmy:


I think the anser would be “no.” :tongue:


Ok, ok - I understand I have set the bar high.

So you have my permission to BE obnoxious; but not so much as I. (how’s that?)

Hey Franco … Six days, brother!


S - I - X


OK - I can be subtly obnoxious. check out the newly labled countdown!


You’ll never top The Boss. But, it will be fun watching you try!


Saaaa WEET! I wish I thunk of that!


I’m not going to try. Like I said - I don’t think I can be that obnoxious! I’m just excited, is all!


HEY! Am I getting trashed here?

(Oh yeah this time next week I will be in the Magic Kingdom … yo buddy, you’re in my shot, move it or lose it.)


Are the people you see at work etc as tired of this as we are??? (just kidding)


ouch. That hurt.


Bet it doesn’t stop ya from dancin’ though…:slight_smile:


Yep yep yep I’m Slipping - sliding


Get down with your bad self Boss :happy:


… 'cause no one else will …


No comment! :happy:


I have hit the teens!!! Should I start acting as obnoxious as Boss Mouse

ACTUALLY, proper English is "MAY I start acting as obnoxious as Boss Mouse… ":angel:

I suspect E&B’s Mom CAN do anything she wants… :ohmy:


Oh! How exciting for you! You are getting so close! I just noticed I’m in the teens, too, but mine is for my DVC trip to Keystone Colorado. Our trip that was supposed to be very relaxing now has quite an itinerary! I can’t wait!


I hear there is one dysfunctional family on a remote plateau on Mount Everest that does not know that the BossMouse is getting close to his trip! And that is only because thier Yak gagged and died before it could give them the written message! :dry: