I am under 200 days!


FINALLY!!! This is the longest wait ever. I just made it under the 200 days mark. Is there a dance for this? Can I make one up? :wink:


:mickey: Congratulations! :mickey:

It seems like such a long time for those numbers to move! :mickey:


Woo, yes, make a dance up yourself!!! I was the same way… and LOOK now I am getting REAL low… it’s gonna move so far from here on out Dana!


Dance away Dana, Dance away!!!

Does it not feel like it takes even longer every trip, to get that countdown clock down? I swear it does!!

[SIZE=6]YIPEEE!!![/SIZE], under 200!!!


Yea! It does seem like your countdown has taken forever to get to this point. Enjoy making your ADS.


Yay!!! Dance up a storm, Dana!!


Yeah, dana I remember when I was at 200 days… :wink:


Congratulations Dana! I’m not sure, but I think the Rule Book says a snappy tap dance is appropriate for 200 days.


I’m waiting for the snappy tap dance to begin! :laugh:

Congrats, Dana! It’s gonna be here before you know it!


you can wiggle your toes for less than 200!!!

HOPEFULLY it will be here before you know it!


Snappy Tap dance? hmmmm it’s been years since these feet have worn a pair of tap shoes…lol I will do it! LOLOLL tapping away


Try moonwalking :slight_smile:


Dana… The real issue is:
Time to start packing!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


Hey Dana, we’re dancing right behind you! (Must be arriving a day later :biggrin:) Next stop: ADRs!


Yay!! Hey Dana, if you would like you may borrow my “I made a basketball in the basket” dance!


Honey please! The suitcases are always out…;lolol

pumouse -
I will take your dance thanks. I’ll give it back when you are ready for it. Just pm me and let me know when you are going to need it…l.ol

dr.teeth -
very cool! Are you doing the MNSSHP? You must. It’s a blast!


Don’t worry, I hardly ever make a basket so you may have it for a while! :happy:


Absolutely! First time for all of us, and from what I hear our our DSs (3 and 7) will love it. Gonna get those tickets as soon as they’re available (with an LTT ADR too!). :smile:


mine is nearly under 150 days :smiley: