I am way too excited about this


I have been wanting this ever since I saw it… except that it only came in blue, and I needed red.

But look what I found on Disney shopping! Now the Mickey is interchangeable, and I can have my Mickey in red! I am so excited! (And I used reward points for it!)

If it hadn’t been ridiculously expensive for a kitchen drain, I probably would have bought the blue and lived with it. But now that it’s PERFECT, I’m willing to pony up. :happy:


OMG that is AWESOME!!! I never bought it because I needed red too! :happy: Woohoo I may just have to get me one of those now!


That is super cute!!


The red one would be perfect in my kitchen!


I love it!!! Good for you for waiting and getting what you REALLY wanted!!


I used to have that in blue and loved it. I may have to get a new one now that you can change the colors.


That is really cute! GLad you were able to get it in the color of your choice.


loving it in red too! Suprised me really that they never did the original one in red being that Mickey mouse usually is associated with red? No? But at least you have what you really want. Pleased for you. I intend to buy loads of kitchen items this next trip.


That is so cute!


Disney just makes us so happy in the simplest of ways, don’t you think!!:laugh:

Hooray for you.


I am slowly buying the entire blue set my for my kitchen, but I can never find the drain!!

I’m super happy for you!!! You bought it online??

I so need it. :ninja:

I have never even seen them in red in the park stores. You totally lucked out!


I have a double sick… my kitchen is green may i will just buy the blue…


Oh my that is too cute- so glad you got the colour you wanted too!


I’ve looked at that so many times - but I needed red too! It’s sooo cute - think I’ll go shopping…:happy:


very cute!