I am with Dac921 and MissSmig


I am double digit dancing as well!!


Good for You!!! Seems like you were just there… lucky, lucky! You are gonna love WLV’s.


Brandon… lets dance dance dance… I am so excited.

Daisee - MissSMIG and I haven’t been to WDW since April 2007 - we have been missing alot of goings on.

Brandon - I got your cell pal… going to call you as soon as I get to CSR


Yipee! Good for you guys . . . enjoy the dancing, cuz soon you’ll be dancing down Main Street! :wub:


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m dancin’ too! WOOHOO! Wilderness Lodge here you come! :biggrin:


I can’t wait, if you are double-digiting so am I 9-19-08!!


I am so happy for you.

I really hope we get to meet while we are there, even if its in the lobby!