I am wondering


about the dining plan.

We have the free dining plan thing booked for a 4 day trippytriptrip in September. Actually, I am calling to add a day to it in just a few moments…

But - I have a question regarding the dining plan.

Can we share plates?

Mikie and Sissy are considered adults on the DP, and Mikie looks and eats much younger.

Are they gonna hardtime me about him ordering off of the adult menu because he LOOKS like a little kid? Also, when he does order off the adult menu - can he share with Caisley, or will I need to buy her a meal even though Mikie will be ordering more than he can ever eat?


I have no idea. I think I’ve heard that somewhere on your ticket it has an “A” on it to indicate that you’ve purchased adult meals?

And I don’t know about the sharing. But as I’ve seen in the other thread… I’m afraid not to answer you. :ninja:



LOL! :ninja:


Caisley is under three,right? So I’m sure that you will not have to order her a plate and she can eat off of anyone else in your party’s.


You get the meal plan for each “paying” person in your room - Caisley being 2 isn’t of the age where even if you paid for the DP you would have paid for her…I doubt they would give you a hard time at all…God Bless all of our picky little eaters! :tongue: (just though I’d throw that in there)


I wouldn’t think you would have any trouble sharing plates when you want to save points or your older kids eating of the adult menu once you tell the waitress their ages.


well, they better not! After all, I paid for it…

Oh…no I didn’t!

Free dining ruuuuuuuuules!


I’m so excited you got free dining, Erin! You won’t have any problems if the kids want to share meals, people do it all the time. Your room key will have how many adults and how many kids are on the dining plan coded on it. If you have 3 adults and 1 child your card will have 3A1C on it so you shouldn’t have any trouble ordering 3 adults meals at once.


You can share plates if you wish. There were a couple of meals that we had in January where I ordered a meal and DS ordered a meal. DW and I shared mine and DS and DD shared a meal.

Think of the Dining plan as having credits. You order what you want and you get a bill, they then take off of your card whatever you just used to pay the bill. If you use 2 credits at a meal or 3 credits at a meal, it does not matter.