I ate at Teppan Edo tonight


MouseSteps - Park Dining

The food was great, as it was before. :slight_smile:



So what changed? Is it just spruced up?:blink:


Denise, how great! More details please!!!



I have like 60 photos up with the report, but if you have any questions about anything - please let me know. I did just add that Teppan Edo takes DDP, not DDE. :slight_smile:

As far as the restaurant - the menu isn’t very different. But the atmosphere is pretty changed, it was similar but not the same.



Great pictures! Looks like all the changes were positive. Was it still kid friendly?


OoOOO, thank you for the pictures. The new Teppan Edo looks AWESOME! It definately reflects a more modern & chic version of this sort of dining. It totally reminds me of a restaurant we have called “Sawa” or one of the Japanese restaurants I saw in Vegas.



Someone else mentioned Vegas, I think what changes were made are very classy and I love the monorail meal! But at the same time, Teppan Edo captures much of what Teppanyaki was - so I don’t think you could like one and not the other. I love the vibrant colors. :slight_smile:



Still kid friendly?:blink:


Yes, I really like the monorail for the kids meals (and it is what I’m getting the most questions about). The way the meal is done is very much the same, as far as the entertainment aspect of it.



Nice review, your pictures were great. My son would love the monorail but I don’t think he would eat the food unless they’ve add fries and chicken nuggets to the menu.


Yea, I was thinking the same thing about my boys.


Thanks! I didn’t read the kids meal items, but you may be able to request something different ahead of time (I don’t know how that would work in World Showcase, I know that can happen at other restaurants). I want a monorail, I’d love to see them sold in the gift shop or at the restaurant. :slight_smile:




Man, these photos are making me want to switch an ADR in November. hmmm.


Teppanyaki has always been one of my favorite restaurants at Disney, and it’s been a bit upgraded now. I do recommend it. :slight_smile:



I have a question for you…

My family wants to eat at the sushi side, but when I call for reservations they just say it’s part of Edo and we pick the side when we get there. I don’t trust CRO about this, do you have any idea if they’re right. My family (not me, I hate sushi) would be really upset if we got there and was told the reservation was only for the teppan side. CRO also told me that the sushi side was also part of the DDP. Have you heard anything one way or the other?


Laura -

I am not sure, but I’ll see what I can find out. I totally understand what you mean about asking CRO (DRC). I asked a couple of Japan CM’s sitting at a table outside the restaurant a few days ago if they’d open early. They smiled, then said to call reservations. I said “they don’t know anything, I used to work there”! (I did, in 2000/2001). :slight_smile:

It would surprise me if they did the reservations the way you are saying. Anything is certainly possible, but they have two computers side by side in the restaurant - one for Edo, one for Dining. It depended on where I was eating as to where I checked in. So I’d be surprised if they were booked as the same restaurant, it doesn’t seem that it’d be efficient. But again, anything certainly is possible. Perhaps they book less people, to let them choose (and then will take walk-ups). There is certainly quite a bit of room between the two sides.



I am so glad there’s now a good “review” of this restaurant. We have an ADR there in Nov.

I know my people will like eating there.
I think they’ll enjoy the show :smile:


If you liked the food and show before, then you’ll like it now! :slight_smile: I didn’t go deep into details on my food - if you’ve eaten at Teppanyaki, or Benihana, it’s not going to be a surprise.



Thank you, Denise. Both my hubby and daughter love sushi and love really good sushi, like they had at Matsunoma Lounge. They are really looking forward to Tokyo Dining. I have a feeling we’re going to head there as soon as we get to World Showcase and find out what’s going on. :smile:


It looks like you still have a couple of months until your visit - yesterday was the first day it opened (pre-official opening), so I’m sure everything will be out about it really soon! I was just tickled to eat there! :slight_smile: