I booked our flights!


I booked our flights this afternoon so I guess our trip really is going to happen. I got $65 each way on SWA, I think I did all right.

I hate to fly, I hate to fly, I hate to fly!


Fantistic Deal!!

Don’t worry about the flight, it will be fun!


I need to keep telling myself that I love to fly. I have 70 days to believe it, I’m not sure that’s enough time.


Ah, flying’s nothing to worry about. You’ll be fine. Matter of fact, I am probably going to wish I were flying in September rather than driving. But, a 7 hour drive isn’t too bad.


I am glad you got a great deal!! You will be fine!! Just keep picturing where you are headed for… WDW!


Supah Deal!!! You’re rockin’ the kasbah! :c) I guess it’s official! :c)

Yay!!! You and Nathan need a good vacation!


That’s a great deal, Stephanie! Well done holding out for it, girl! I’m almost as excited about this vacation as you are!!!


Great deal DT!!! Not to worry, you will be fine!


Great Steph!!! SWA is so friendly. No need to be worried. They are the best airline in business today. Just remember, you are heading to a great place and your son will be sooooo excited to celebrate his B-day at his favorite place.

Have fun!!


Congrats on the great fare!!! DT I’m not a big fan of flying either, but it gets me to WDW faster than driving would and that means more time to play. I’m sure everything will be fine and just enjoy your son’s excitement.


Awesome deal! Now you can do both the double-digit-dance and the low-airfare-dance!


DT… Great deal… Now for the flight… You need to look up the statistics on HOW SAFE flying is and don’t watch any footage of Airplane Crashes, but why do Airplane Wrecks freak us out and Car Accidents don’t phase us… I mean I never see anyone questioning if they will get in a car again after seeing a major accident???

You will be fine DT… The above comments where in general… I think we all question flying after seeing a major plane crash…why is that???


Thanks for sharing my excitement. I’ve been waiting for cheap fares to come out all month and I was starting to think maybe they wouldn’t. I’m still a little worried that we may have a snow day but the chances are getting slimmer each day.

I know flying is safe, it’s just giving up total control in a situation that I have a hard time with. Getting to Orlando in 2 hours is so much better than a 17 hour drive.

Nathan is going to be even more excited when he finds out he’s flying. I think we’ll wait to tell him until we get to the airport. We’ll have to leave home pretty early in the morning but we’ll just tell him we’re going some place for the day. He’ll buy that easily since we do it all the time.


How are you able to stand it! I would be busting to tell the secret. :mickey:


Congrats to you! I hate to fly too, but nearly as much as I hate to drive… :cool:


It has been so hard! I have wanted to tell him so many times but I’ve held out. I can’t wait to see his face when I do tell him, he’s going to be so excited. It helps that I have DC to come to and talk about my plans, I’m not sure I would make it if I couldn’t talk about it at all.


Steph that is so awesome that you got great flight rates!!! I also think it is way cool that you are taking Nathan there for a surprise trip for his birthday!
You are such a cool mom!!! :wub:

And the flying will be easy, just think of your great destination…WDW!!!


Thanks, Nina. I can’t wait to tell him. I don’t think he has a clue, he’s the type who would just come right out and ask.

The best part is I had to add an extra day to our trip. I couldn’t book our flight on the day we planned to depart so I had to add a night and leave a day earlier. Now I’ve got a little more planning to do.


Thanks! The funny part is I don’t mind driving. It was a tough decision because I enjoy the family time on the drive down and back. However, an extra day or more in the parks is even better.


Good for you,Steph!! I’m sure Nathan will love his surprise birthday trip!!!