I bought a park hopper through AAA and got a bonus


I bought a park hopper through AAA because their prices had not increased yet when I bought it on 6/17.
So the ticket arrived in the mail and I was surprised to find a AAA Diamond parking pass.
I hadn’t even thought about it, I just wanted a reduced price.
I knew they existed, but I never thought I’d get one for purchasing a single 6 day hopper. I thought these passes were only given to folks who booked full WDW vacation packages through AAA.
Now, here comes the question: it looks like there is no expiration date on it. So, when does it expire? At the end of 2012?

Any of you have experience with AAA Diamond parking that you’d care to share?

And no, I’m not doing this to say "Look what I got that you didn’t."
I’m more of the mind that this was a happy accident that I don’t know if I deserve.


I’ll update.
It seems that a AAA Diamond Parking pass is good for the entire calendar year.


…I would never belittle someone else’s good fortune! What a nice surprise and bonus!


Congrats on your surprise! I was just going to post that it was good for the calender year, but saw you posted that directly after your first post! Again, congrats on your good fortune!


That is a really nice treat – especially at MGM. I mean Studios. LOL


Our trips are based on maxing out the AAA card’s advantages. No busses if hopping between parks. And that includes MK where you have to take a tram. With the parking area at EP, HS and AK right next to the bus pick lines we are in our car and in the next gate faster than the resort bus system. And getting to and from the resort is a breeze. If you are still going to be at the CR for your next trip you don’t even need to mess with the MK lot so you can maximize your travel and connection time.

Add to that the TiW card and the resort valet parking benifit, it is the best of both worlds, within the World.


Let’s see.
Miss Disney, I’ve been reading posts elsewhere that the diamond section at Studios isn’t as convenient as the other parks. But I thought they’re usually next to the handicapped sections. I’ll play Studios by ear when the time comes. I actually like taking the bus. I guess it’s the native New Yorker in me manifesting itself?

I do know where the Epcot and AK diamond sections are and I almost always drive to AK anyway. Epcot’s is close to their kennel, so we all know I know where that one is.
We’ll be staying at WL, so I’m going to boat back and forth to MK. There is no other way for me.
Unlike you Rich, I didn’t make a career of sailing the seven seas in big grey ladies.:laugh:

We’ve got a TiW card, so I know all about that one. The downside to valet is I feel scummy if I don’t leave a $2 tip at drop off and at pick up. That means an extra $4 every time I take out the car.:crying:
Hey, money is still a bit tight and we really hadn’t planned on this visit. It was sort of forced on me and I really don’t feel like getting into a fight with my sister and disappointing my niece in the bargain.
Again, we’ll play this moment to moment once we’re on the scene.


The HS spots can be a long walk if you go all the way around to the left. If you are in the middle to the far end of the line just walk straight towards the gate itself to avoid the long walk. It cuts off tons of steps.

As to the resorts, we use valet frequently at the boardwalk since we like to spend time there at night. I’ve also used it once when we decided to run over to EP last minute to catch Illuminations. Not what it was intended for, but we did grab a drink on the way back and bakery goods for the next moring. So I guess you could say we were on the boardwalk…via Illuminations.


I just now read about your good fortune. That is a fantastic treat. Use it in good health and often :happy:


Valet can be pretty handy to have.
I used to valet all the time. It’s real nice to have your car waiting for you and to not have to deal with parking.
Also, if you’ve paid to valet your car at one resort, you can valet at all of the others for no additional charge, other than the tip.
With TiW, all you have to do is show them a receipt from one of that resort’s restaurants that day, and you’re OK. Doesn’t matter how much, just that you were there.

On the other hand, at AKL and WL, the self park lots aren’t so far from the entrance and the walks are interesting.
At Contemporary and especially BWI, I’ll always valet.
I probably should valet all the time at GF as well. That’s another resort with the self park lot across the street, though it’s not as bad a walk as BWI’s.