I bought my groceries for my trip


Over the weekend (Sunday) I went and purchased my groceries for my WDW trip on garden grocer. com. I called first to ask if it were ok to order this far in advance and actually got a live person this time. The person over the phone told me that he has orders for trips in may already…lol glad to see I’m not the only one who like to pay WAY in advance. The process was easy and I was able to add my gratuity to my final bill…I didn’t however as I like to hand people the tip for a job well done. Just thought you would all like to know that you can order this far in advance with no problems. I got lots of goodies ($80) worth and feel that I have enough drinks, breakfast foods and snacks to last about 8 days. The prices were a bit more than the grocery stores around here, but I don’t think they were that unreasonable. I was able to get some of their coupon and weekly special deals and that helped. Just an FYI for anyone looking to use them.

That’s one less thing to pay for when I get there. I’ll pay for the car service next pay check and only have to worry about spending money…this trip is getting closer!


You rock Dana!! That’s good to know to!


How far in advance do you have to order? Can it be just a day or so? The reason is, when we go to POP, we get great value out of the mugs. My DH will drink at least 2 or 3 at the food court and then get one to bring to the room. But when we start our life at SSR, if we are far from the food court, we don’t want to bother with a mug. So we would easily need 4 or 5 cases of soda for a week. But of course, you don’t know where your room is until you get there. Do you understand my problem?


Dana, when do you go again? We are going in Sept and I was on the Garden grocer site today compiling stuff for our trip, but I thought it was too early. I thought it was just me, getting overly excited, but I guess I am normal! I am going to talk to my inlaws (who are coming with us) this weekend to see what they need so I can place the order this weekend myself. Thanks for the helpful information!


wow, the consumate planner and “getting things done in a regimented fashion” You amaze me, everyday a little bit more


Wow Dana, this is good to know. I had no idea you could do it this far in advance!


Iam very embarassed because Iam so FAR behind!!!:blush:

I still have to pay off my trip and have until Sep 20th!!!:eek:

Dana, you are soo well organized, I envy you.


I go on 10/25. You cna definately order them now. The man on the phone told me he has paid orders for may of 2007! LOL


You can order as early as a day in advance. I am almost certain you can get same day delivery, but am not positive on that one. You should call and ask.


Dopey -
You truely know how to make me smile…thanks hon for saying that. I take great pride in planning.:heart:


You shouldn’t be embarrassed! That’s silly. I still have to pay for the towncar, and save up the dining plan and spending money…I am really behind…lol I am trying to take one thing at a time and just pay it off. Whatever left is spending money and that will have to do. I am shooting for at least $130 a day to spend.


You’re right on top of things as usual, Dana. I’ve never ordered food but it sounds easier than packing a suitcase full of snacks. Let us know how it goes.


this is my first time too. I was worried about what time to have them deliver it and hope I chose the right two hour window. I arrive in orlando at 9am and thought that between 2-4pm would be the best time. We would be back and the rooms around then getting ready for dinner. If we aren’t back from MGM yet, I can have DBF meet the delivery guy. He is only going to hang at the pool the first day (he’s driving and will be so tired that day). I will post a full, detail report about everything…promise!


Once again - speechless.:laugh:


Now are you getting them delivered to a regular resort or one of the DVC properties… I am curious as we are doing ME this time around and wont have that 30 min shop trip to buy pampers and water and breakfast stuff


Dana! I had no idea that this service was even out there! What agreat option! Now we have a whole new reason to go back again… “Honey, we need to plan a trip so I can try out the grocery ordering!” I can just see his eyes roll, but it makes perfect sense to me!!! LOL


I found about it on here from karliebug. She hooked me up! Their website is awesome! Shopping was fun and easy to do. The prices are a bit higher than what I am used to paying, but not nearly as high as breakfast for 6 at a WDW restaurant.:laugh:


I was going to order my groceries the day I arrived. I was hoping they could deliver the next day. I have to re-think this…


Alright, Dana. You have inspired me…I have an order in for $60.00 worth of snacks and drinks and other tidbits. Do you think that’s enough? :laugh:


i am going to WDW for labor day weekend. what would everyone suffest i have the garded grocer deliver as way of drinks. i fugured juice and water and maybe gatorade, but i do not know how much. i have 4 adults going…

any suggestions?