I can not believe my horrible luck with Disney.com


I am sure their service is great. But I have been wanting to order the Partners Statue, the 40th anniversary ears and a few other things and everything I want just went unavailable as soon as I went to order. Now none of it is even offered. :mad::frown::frown::frown::crying: I hope the put some of the things back on again soon.


This is what I’ve discovered about the Disneystore.com (and if that’s not what you’re talking about, I’m sorry!).

Things disappear ALL THE TIME and you can’t get to them by searching the site… but I got to the Partners statue by searching it through Google. Yes, it does say SOLD OUT… but sometimes that DOES change. Just keep checking! Especially really early in the day.

I hope it works out for you!


That happened to me a couple of mos. ago on something I was trying to order. A week later it was back for sale, but it was listed at a better discount. Keep checking!!


They do replenish. I have had items go out of stock only to reappear again. They may have sold more than they anticipated and are just waiting a new shipment. I suggest calling.


Thanks for giving me hope! I was just so surprised and sad that everything had vanished. Hopefully everything I was wanting will come back at the same time.


Good luck! I ordered something last week for my MOM, and it was here 2 days later- from California!!!


It is a horrible site. A while ago I tried to order a skin for my lap top and my phone and the stupid site would not accept some of the info. I thought it didn’t like my browser, so I switched. Nothing worked. I ended up calling them to place the order :frown:


Well I placed an order but my statue isn’t on it yet. But a few of the other things I wanted came back on. No fear I found things to replace the statue for now. It eased the pain a little. LOL


Glad I’m not the only one…


Now that I placed my order the other day they put up the statue I wanted again. DUH!

Oh well, I’ll start saving up again. LOL