I can see the CASTLE from my IPHONE!


My DH got me an Iphone to try to organize me a little better!!! I love it!! I am a HUGE ipod person, so to have it all together is great!!! But the other morning I was messing with the GPS and figured out if you enter an address, then switch it to satelite you can see a satelite picture of that address!! And you can ZOOM in on it!!!

SOOOO guess what I thought of right away…YEP…WDW!!! So my kids and I looked up addresses and started putting them in my phone!!! It was so cool!!! We saw mainstreet and the Castle, Spaceshipearth, Mission space, Test track, the Tree of life, Mickey’s huge hat at MGM… It was so fun!!! Now I can see them whenever I am homesick:happy:

It is so cool!! Now I really love my IPHONE!!!


HOW FUN!! You gotta LOVE Apple!!!


How wonderful is that!! and lucky you having the IPhone too! I love Apple.


Wow!!! Is it a google thing, or is it a live shot?


That is really cool. :slight_smile:


Now I am going to go try it. Thanks for sharing :mickey:


SO COOL! I used to look at WDW & DL from Google Earth! SO much fun! Enjoy your iphone!


I think it is a google thing but I am not sure!!!


Did you see this?Apple - Web apps - Walt Disney World Theme Park Maps


Nooo i had not seen that!!! Thank you I am going there now on my iphone to add it!!!:happy:


That is reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyy cool


Just because it’s the 21st Century, I’m not racing to be George Jetson.
Unless somebody else wants to foot the bill.


[I]I like the iphone map of Disney.

but for anyone without a i-phone use google earth on your computer [/I]
Google Earth 2008



That was the first thing I went looking for too when my mate got themselves an IPhone!


that is funny- the first thing we did when we bought our tom tom navigation was get directions to WDW…we have big issues…LOL