I cannot go to WDW/DL without my


Name three things you MUST take on a WDW/DL trip. These would be things that would make your trip seem “off” to you if you didn’t have them with you. Your family doesn’t count…three material items…not money either…that’s a no brainer.

here’s mine:
My red airport bag
my planning book
big, comfy robe and slippers…I HAVE to have them.

So what’s yours?


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…let’s see…

1.) My digital camera! (I need pictures man, PLENTY of pictures!)

2.) My video camera! (I need footage man, LOTS of footage!)

3.) Pins to trade! (I need…oh heck! You know the rest here!) :tongue:


-My “LAMB” for LeSportsac “concert bag”. I’ve used it for EVERY single Disney trip the past like 3 years. It’s the PERFECT purse for travel.

  • SUNBLOCK! I have such sensitive skin, i would DIE without it.

  • Cute flip-flops.

Oh GOSH, I forgot my iPod! Can’t go away without that. Thanks for the reminder Pluto2000


One Disney themed T-shirt for each day of our stay.
All our ADRs written down and in my wallet/wife’s purse.
Sunscreen SPF45. I am a burn/peel/fade kind of guy. :laugh:

  1. My digital camera, I too am picture obsessed, but still always wish that I took more pictures when I get home!

  2. A pair of flip-flops for each day (for some reason my feet hurt less after wearing flips all day than tennis shoes…go figure).

  3. A cute little backpack to stuff my tickets, camera, lipgloss, etc. in



  1. My black Eddie Bauer travel-style purse. It is perfect for traveling (I bring it on all trips, not just WDW)

  2. My camera of course.

  3. A hat and sunblock - I tend to get sun poisoning pretty easily.


My camera, my Tinkerbelle Purse, and My Guide Books so that the family and I can review our plans the night before we go to whichever park. This way, we are all on the same game plan.


My camera.
Vitamin C/hard candies.
Gum (I always get rid of it in a trash bin).


Hand warmers: Known as Hot Pockets, these modern marvels generate heat
for hours. Very nice to us islanders whose thin blood chills
when temps go below 75 degrees!!!

Ugg Boots: These cool little toys keep the feets cozy either in the hotel
room after the park, or at the park itself if you don’t plan on
doing any “you will get wet” rides…

Swim trunks: One of the best solutions to tired feets is hitting the hot tub.
This, of course, requires that you stay at a hotel that HAS a
hot tub. But since SOME city ordnances require some type of
bathing suit, the board shorts are my favorites…



  1. A picture of Doug, my dog
  2. Digital Camera
  3. Water Bottle Strap from Epcot


My comfy walking sneakers
My digital camera and cam corder
Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen


My Hawaiian shirt (have to wear it on arrival & departure days)

planning book



Love your list! :heart:


Ditto on the camera, actually 2, my digital and my old 35 mm with the 300 mm lens.
Cosmetics to put on my face.


Comfy sneakers with lots of socks
Sunblock SPF 9000 (I PINK, I don’t TAN)
hat (usually my Off Kilter baseball cap)


(1) My ipod : To go to sleep with it in ! - Its full of disney songs

(2) Again My digital Camera And camcorder

(3) Abag full of disney tops!


My camera
My passport for the cruise…he he he
My kids


WDW trip diary
Memory book (for autographs)
Sunblock :laugh:
Camera, of course

I’m sure I’ll think of more when I don’t have a speech looming over my head!! :wacko:


My Splash Mountain hat
My camera
and…one lanyard with pins to trade :tongue:


Whoa, I had to double check to be sure I didn’t type that.