I cannot go to WDW/DL without my


When you want to see how others experience life … You get here. 70 degrees would be heaven sent these days.


Fun thread Dana! :tongue:

Lets see:

My digital camera and new camcorder
My Bronco jammies
My stress relief foot/leg lotion

Just wouldn’t be the same without them.


My ''travel bag"
Sunblock: (I’m going somewhere where I’ll actually need it…YAY!)



My Blue Mountain Coffee

My green nightshirt, which has been washed a million times and is soft and comfy

This may seem odd - but my dearest aunt’s “Book of Common Prayer” (the Anglican prayer book). It just makes me feel safe and close to all my family.


The Sak backpack – looks cool and feels great.

Kilimanjaro Safaris baseball cap – orange and worn.

Rockport strap-on sandals – nothing feels as good.


Hmmmm let’s see…

  1. Digital Camera

  2. Sunglasses

  3. New clothes - can’t wear old clothes to Disney, its a rule :pinch:

  1. An agenda, I always make one and we never follow it. It drives my family nuts but I love it!

  2. Camera, of course

  3. My family (lame answer but its true :biggrin: ) - my mom worked at Disneyland so she is the best tour guide and always tells great stories


A camera, of course
And my backpack waterproof purse


cargo shorts to carry all the stuff
ball cap
disney visa card


Assumming that cameras are a given, because really, who goes on vacation without a camera?! :huh:

  1. Lamby (A lamb stuffy I’ve had since I was born - yes, I still sleep with a stuffy - shush. She goes on every single trip with me.)

  2. Another Lamb of sorts - my L.A.M.B. Multi Icon large duffel bag. It’s the perfect weekend trip bag. It was a miracle to find it at TJ Maxx for about 1/4 of what it retailed for.

  3. Makeup bag. I don’t do the parks with full, night on the town makeup. But I have to have something.


Of course of my camera… I like to take as many pictures as possible.

  1. Pins to wear and trade
  2. My Disney charm bracelet
  3. My mouse ears. I got my pair on my first trip to the world in 2000, now I bring them everyyear to wear at the parks.


Oh! I thought of another one… all my Disney shirts and my most comfy Tinkerbell PJ’s.


Let me think…

bathing suit…gotta get some pool time in


Speaking for myself not for DW and the boys. I need my own coffee, I need my fresh ground pepper and as BUZZ says, I needs me BEER!!! :happy: :happy:


My small fan - yes, it goes in my huge suitcase on the airplane. (its about 12" x 12 x 6)



A HAT!!!

That FL sun can be brutal ANYTIME of the year on those areas of my head which seem to be more exposed than they used to be. :biggrin:


I just have to say…
as much as your avitar makes me laugh… that is just wrong!

  1. Digital Camera - I too take lots of pictures!
  2. Comfy Sneakers
  3. New Clothes - A must for me - Have to look good in all those pictures! :mickey:


My digital camera and camcorder
our backpack that carries all the necessitys for the day


$18.00 WDW Spray Bottle/Mister/Fan thingy…that thing is the BEST investment I ever made at WDW!!!

And my carmex…i pretty much can’t go anywhere without that though!!