I Cant Believe I Did This!



I have been watching the fares for nonstop on NWA for several weeks for our trip in May. They went down a little bit…and what did I do…buy the tickets??? NOOOOOOOO!!! Me, being a smart traveller decided to wait!! I have plenty of time…maybe they will go down right??? Wellllll…I happened to check them today and can you believe they have gone up over 200.00 per person!!! :eek:

I’m literally about to have a heart attack…! Do you think they will go back down…or am I really really in a pickle now??? :frown:


Well, don’t beat yourself up about this. You never know! Northwest is still trying to work out its problems, so you just don’t know how things are going to go.


You have a bit of time…hopefully there will be some sort of fare reduction…Usually when fares spike they come down so that the airline can call it a “sale”.


Exactly. My peppy friend speaks the truth.


go to clarkhoward.com and check the fares. He is this guy in Atlanta that is on the radio everyday telling people how to save money and not get taken advantage of through scams. He is awesome
Anyway, every day he lists the sales from every airline and their destinations. It might be goo to look there! Good luck.


I am having the same problem. I am taking a group down May 25th-June 1st. Since we just lost Independence Air in Knoxville, I am really worried. We usually fly delta, but it is 317 right now. I have to keep my groups cost down to $700 per person and right now we are $757 with that airfare.

I have read several times that if you wait until around the 60 day mark, they are lower.


I was just going to start a thread crying about it :tongue:

2 days ago SEA-MCO one way $134 CAD! SO CHEAP! BUT DID I BUY???

I guess I’ll wait a few more days in case it goes down again? sob sniff


If I lived in TN, I’d just drive the 9 hours to WDW (Of course, I’m driving from IL in 2 weeks, 2 days, 1 hour, and 12 minutes.)


That does stink. I had the same thing happen to me multiple times before my last trip. I would wait and then it would go up, but eventually it would also drop again. Just wait it out as long as you can.


I always buy my mother a trip to visit me for mothers day, she is in Orlando. I never buy that ticket before Valentines Day. Fear not they SHOULD go back down.
Though if DH is away this year, she will be visiting us at AKL! :tongue:


Not to get off topic, but what a good daughter!


From where I live in TN, it takes 14 hours to get there…and, that is exceeding the speed limit!


Don’t worry about it I think everyone has done this before, we all want the cheapest fare. But keep checking daily if not hourly. I got a great rate from Airtran last year but the deal was only on the website for like 30 minutes. I flew the whole family down for $49 per person and $79 for the return flight. You’ll find a good deal but stay on it.


Have you tried Southwestairlines? They fly out of Nashville (not sure where you are). They often offer some pretty nice fares!


Keep trying! I was told that 24 hours before a flight, Continental opens up it’s “preferred” seats, which have been saved for their frequent travelers… Not many businessmen are booking flights to Orlando, I bet! So even till the last minute, you might find a bargain!



As long as you have an alternative (like that 14 hour drive), I’d wait it out.

Fares for our March trip were running so high that I upped our budget and then jumped on the first fares that I saw below the new number (and I was still sweating bullets). Not to worry you, but it appears that those “cheap” rates (from Northwest out of Indianapolis) appeared to sell out quickly (so I wasn’t the only one watching). My flights are full and the few Northwest fares for my dates literally tripled in price and haven’t come down. Good news? I’m flying during spring break (end of March); I think you should have an easier time in May.

I used kayak.com multiple times a day to track all of my airlines except for Southwest.



Well…I am really beating myself up about this! I had initially changed my dates of travel b/c the cost of airfare was so high…but, when it came back down on the date I wanted, I just let it slip by! OH well…no use crying over spilled milk I suppose!


I’m not sure when you’re trip is, but I’d go ahead and wait a bit more. Those prices are sure to come down. Airlines are ALWAYS offering sale prices to Orlando… Don’t freak out just yet… :wink:


Too late!! Already freaking out!! I called nwa to ask why their prices went up so high in two days & they adv that their directly flights were almost full!!!
Thats what I wanted…so, it looks like i’m just going to have to pay the difference or leave a day earlier!!


haha ME TOO!!! FREAKING OUT!!! I can’t afford an extra $150 :S