I can't believe it happened AGAIN!


Well, I just have to vent! A while back Northwest cancelled our flight (out of Ottawa, transfering in Detroit) & the only reason we had originally gone with NWA was because of the leaving time being the best for us. (We are a 2 hour drive away from Ottawa so departure times are a factor.)
Anyway, we decided to leave one day earlier & take a direct flight with another airline instead of staying with NWA because the options for re-booking did not look very nice.
Someone from western Canada posted a response back to me & said they call Air Canada “Air Cancelled”. Well GUESS WHAT? They have also cancelled my flight! I’m so frustrated I could just…I’d know what!! They have decided to cancel all direct flights out of Ottawa on Monday, Tuesday, & Wed going to Orlando (at least for the time we are going). They have not yet cancelled our return flight & it is still a direct flight, but I wonder if we’ll be in Orlando & have problems for the trip back!
Now we have to make a decision if we want to take another flight the same day which will not be direct- & I do NOT like the prospect of transfering in Toronto; or do we want to move our trip back an extra day AGAIN!? We could leave on Sunday & get on a direct flight. I’m just worried that they will also decide this flight is also not busy enough & cancel it also. We are already at WDW for more days than the meal plan is available ( from Jan 30 to Feb 10/06), so we currently have 1 full day without meals paid for.
Ughh, this is making what should be an exciting time, a crappy time.


yeah, I would be just as frustrated. Sometimes it seems the airline industry is out to get us. I fly into Fort Lauderdale this Thursday night, via Continental, and they have changed the departing flights on me twice since I bought the ticket whcih wasn’t even long ago. I don’t get it but I am sure you will be fine, nothing will be able to ruin your WDW vacation once you get there.

Trust me, if I had a personal teleporter I would lend it to you in a heartbeat. hehe.


That is a bummer. I don’t fly much but I hate hearing about this. Why can’t your meal plan be extended?


I am sending special pixie dust to you so this irons itself out for you! I would be bouncing off the walls. Hope this has a happy ending for you!


Oh how terribly frustrating for you! I don’t blame you at all for being upset. I sure hope you get this straightened out soon.


Very frustrating indeed :sad: I know you’ll feel better once you are there–but getting there seems to be so darn hard!
Good luck and keep us posted :heart:


That is seriously annoying. I would be screaming mad too. Go in a day earlier. I hate connecting flights and would prefer to just pay an extra day at WDW then have the hassle of connecting flights and worries about a return trip. Cancel that return trip and rebook it with a reliable airline…you do not want to be in orlando ready to come home only to find out you cant. :pirate:


I hope all will be well now… after spending hours back & forth with my travel agent, we have booked another day with WDW for a room only. This means we now have 3 bookings with them. I know it seems silly but we decided it was the best option since I said I would like to have access to our meal plan closer to beginning of our trip rather than no meals paid for the first 2 full days. You see, according to Disney, we can only book up to a 10 night stay (11 days) which would include 10 sitdown meals, and have until checkout of the last day to use the meals up.
Because we added a one night stay to the beginning of our trip the first time our flight was cancelled, then we had to add another night, we COULD have had only 2 bookings. (This would be a 2 night stay at the start of our trip with a room only & no meals, then another booking which was our original stay of 10 nights including room, tickets, & meals plan.) However, I thought it would be nice to have access to the meal plan earlier than that.
So I now have in actual fact 3 bookings…a 1 night stay when we first arrive, since we arriving late ( around 10:30 PM I think by the time we get our grocery stop out of the way). Then we go into our 10 nioght stay with all the frills. Then we go into another 1 night stay at the end, since I think we won’t be doing much on the last day & don’t really want the tickets & meal options.
To answer the question about why can’t we extend our plan… I don’t konw. Disney just says that we can’t. The Magic Your Way Plan can only be purchased for up to 10 days. ( Not really Magic my way at all if you ask me!)
Anyway, thanks for all the pixie dust & best wishes. In the end I’m sure you’re right that once we’re there, It’ll be great. My son is excited that he is now going to be out of school for a full 2 weeks, originally we were leaving Tuesday, now it’s Sunday. It will be a lot of catch up but both of my parents are teachers & they say to go & enjoy now because in a few years I won’t be able to pull him out so easily.


I’m glad it’s all sorted out, thank goodness you booked through a Travel Agent so they could help you rearrange all of your plans! No matter how long, or inconvienent the trip down there…once you arrive it will be non-stop magic :mickey:


Thanks, I hope you’re right, I’m looking forward to trying & make it a great trip after all of this. This is exactly why I always book any trip through a travel agent. The headache (if any) becomes mostly their problem to sort out.


Glad it is all worked out for you! Sorry You had such problems :crying:


How were you made aware that the AirCan flight was cancel? AirCan :pirate: or your travel agent told you.

I’m leaving on Feb 9 from Ottawa with AirCan.

I also had to change my dates and # of days from 9 days to 11 days because of AirCan $$ and got hit by Disney’s 10 days limit.

:tongue: you are not alone :tongue:


Sorry it took so long to reply, I haven’t been able to get onto a computer. My travel agent called me ASAP. He’s been really great through all this. Hey we’re also staying at ASMovies ( after really contemplating POP this time).


That’s so unfair that they can cancel a flight that they have already booked folks on. If they want to discontinue that flight on Mon-Wed, that’s fine, but they shouldn’t do it until a flight that they haven’t booked anybody on yet. Sorry to hear about your troubles… :frown:


We are almost having the same trip :cool: except for the dates. We can almost tagged each other as we are arriving on the 9th and you are leaving on the 10th :tongue:

Do have a great vacation :mickey:


Thanks, I hope all goes well from here on out. I spoke with Alex (my travel agent) just yesterday & so far, the return flight is still OK! NOw I just need to plan where we will make our grocery stop since we arrive too late to go to Publix. Any suggestions?