I can't believe it


After being a MB member for soooooo long. For the countless hours I spent pining over TRs wishing I was in WDW…

I’m Booked

We are booked for 6 nights at the WL September 15-21.

I was so excited on the phone with the reservations girl (called the 877 # found on this site, thanks) and I literally started crying. She was so cool, like it happens all the time!

So this trip is my graduation (from culinary school) gift from my DH and it will be Ty’s first trip. I am so excited.

Anyway, thats it. I will keep you posted with my ADR’s (March 19th is the 180 day mark) etc.

Thanks everyone for being so cool on this site, I now can’t wait to start using it more for my trip! Woo Hoo



That is great news!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your graduation!


Hooray for you!! And congrats on the upcoming graduation!! Now, can you come teach me how to cook something other than from a can?:laugh: :laugh:


Awww, I am so happy for you!! :heart:


That is sooo great!!! I get like that sometimes just thinking about our trip!! Happy tears and Disney go hand in hand!!!

I hope your trip is unbelievably magical!!

Everytime I see the castle, I take a deep breath and cry and then look at my DH and say “We’re HOME!”:wub: :blush:

OMG I am teary right now!:blush: :happy:


YAYA!!! What a GREAT day!!


Awe, that’s fabulous! Congrats! :wub:


aww- how sweet! I sure hope its worth the wait! now start planning out your meals and such…


Yay Congratulations on the graduation and that perfect way to celebrate it. Keep us informed on your plans :wink:


Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I will keep you posted on the plans!



Congratulations. What a way to celebrate!!


Congrats on booking! Can’t wait to hear your food reports when you return!


Congrats on booking!!!


have a magical stay …I am sure it will reward you with great memories


Hooray for you! (Isn’t this the best site? :heart: it here!) Enjoy the planning! :wub:


I am glad to see you and your trip sounds great! Look forward to hearing more from you!


Thanks everyone! No one can understand why I am so EXTREMELY excited, thats why I need my fellow Mousebuzzers!

Thanks again!



Oh Lisa I am so excited for you!! Yay! :happy: It’s going to come faster than you can imagine!