I can't believe it!


Just last week I convinced my mom to go to Disney with us- I am still in shock that she is coming!! She basically is a newbie as its been a while for her!! Then, one of my very close friends and her family decided to join us too!!! WooHoo!! This is gonna be a blast!! My mom knows this family very well also!!
So, this family has been to WDW once, while my girlfriend had a conference about 2 years ago. They just went without any plans and were not overly thrilled with it. I asked her if her girls liked Splash Mountain, and she didn’t even know what that was!! Needless to say they did not see much!! As for meals, she told me that we can “just pop into a restaurant when we are hungry”! I tried explaining the DDP to her and the need for ressies. She wants me to plan(which was already done at 180 days!) and they will come along!! It is gonna be so fun to show them around!!
Now, just gotta try and get them a room with us!! Soooo excited!! Thanks for listening!!:laugh:


That’s great! I’m sure you’ll have a very good time. WDW is the perfect place to share with family and good friends. this is especially true when they are(for all intents) newbies, and you get to see for the first time.


That will be found…happy planning for two families!


You guys are going to have a blast!!