I can't believe US Air is charging for soda!


So now either we pay airport prices for drinks or airplane prices. And on top of have fares being higher, between bags and drinks, that’s another 30 to 90 bucks per ticket depending on how much you pack and how thirsty you are.

I really really love southwest.


That does stink!! It seems like everyday you hear of some other way airlines are trying to make an extra buck. It makes you wonder where all of these airlines will be in a year or two!!


That is ridiculous!!:pinch: I, too, just absolutely love :wub: Southwest Airlines and will not fly any other airline unless I have to.


Lets just hope that SW is not feeling the pressure to start charging for bags and drinks as well. I mean, my experience of “drinks” on the plane is about 4-6 ounces of Cola & ice. Hardly worth charging for!


Yeah, my DH was wondering if you got the whole can or just the amount you mentioned.

But again who needs drinks…US Air stopped giving out any kind of snacks about 2 weeks ago.:glare:


Not to mention, the additional work for stewards having to make change, etc… what a hassle for them.


I agree. SWA is always our first choice.


If they still give out free coffee I will be really made.


This is from the US Air website:

Pay-for-what-you-use’ In-flight Café
Beginning in August, we’ll charge $2 for all non-alcoholic beverages (including sodas, juices, bottled water and coffee) and $7 for alcoholic beverages (currently available for $5).


Considering you can’t brin liquids in thru security and prices at the airport are so high, now we have to pay for soda… I guess they are charging for water too.


Im a southwest chicky too- why bother with the others that cost more and offer less?


Okay, I have to be honest here. Often, we don’t even take the drink they offer on the flight. We usually have been sitting in the airport and have just finished a snack and drink before we board the plane. We try to make a pit stop before boarding so we don’t have to do that on the plane. We will now just take an empty water bottle with us and fill it at the water fountain or at one of the food counters before we board.

Do I like all these new fees and charges? No! I do think charging for the 1st bag is wrong. But for the 2nd bag, well, I am just going to have to be more conservative. Also, I can remember in the 80’s when it would cost $400-$500 to fly from here to FL or TX. We have been spoiled by low airfare for so long and now the airlines can’t do it anymore.


hey, wait til they install the coin machine into the pottie…no quarters? no tinkle, lolol :laugh:


I usually pass on the drink as well or I ask for water. The sip of soda just isn’t important to me but my son enjoys it.


I certainly understand the need for them to make money, but they should just RAISE TICKET PRICES! I don’t understand their desire to make the travelers feel cheated by charging for such petty things. Instead of charging $2, just raise each ticket by $2! They’ll end up making more that way because now I think a lot of people will pass on the beverage.
sorry, rant over.


I absolutely agree with you. I’d rather not know that I’m being charged $2 for less than half a can of coke with a lot of ice, or $30 or whatever it is per bag. Just raise the price of the entire ticket and hide it all from me. I’ll pay whatever it takes to get to Disney!


Exactly! That seems to be the way the majority of people are feeling…I don’t know why the airlines can’t see that.


not to mention…this is going to significantly increase the amount of angry travelers. There will be a lot of people who have been living under rocks, who aren’t going to expect the charge when they either get to the airport, or get on the plane, and they will throw a fit.
I am always shocked at the amount of people who STILL don’t realize that they can’t bring liquids through security…uh…where have you been for the past 2 years or so?


Because, sadly, the airlines believe that the customer will buy the cheaper ticket.


So the added $2.00 or $50.00 to a ticket means, in the end, an empty seat goes into the air because the customer bought a cheaper ticket on southwest…


I recently saw a commercial for SWA, where people had to pay t get into the overhead compartment and recline the seat. SWA said they would never charge for things that should be free.

Thankfully, we get a coffee prior to getting on the plane at the Dunkin Donuts stand, and it is only a 2 hour plus flight, so we don’t need the little soda or juice.