I can't log in!


Several mornings this week, I have been unable to pull up the MB website. I was wondering if (hoping) anyone else has had the same problem?

If nobody else is having the same problem, then I am about to unplug my computer and use it as a door stop… :mad:


all morning MB was down- its not just you- and then when I came online and it worked there were only 15 threads that were showing on New Posts-


I had that problem this morning too. I had to take a few deep breaths and tell myself that it would be back up soon! :slight_smile:

“…pip-pip cheerio, we’ll be back soon!” Oh my!


I had the same problem, too. I thought it was my DSL, but then I figured out that myspace still worked. :laugh:


The computer is not a door stop… hang in there… it happened to me too…


It’s been happening to me too.

HEY… look at my countdown! :tongue:


Ditto. I could get everywhere except MB so I knew it was an MB issue. Glad we’re back up and running!! I get thrown off when I can’t visit here a bazillion times/day. :redface::laugh:


yup, had that same problem. Very upsetting that :pinch:


See, this would be one of the advantages of living on the West coast…By the time I was ready to sign in, it was up and running.



I’ve noticed the site had been down a couple of times in the last week. I thought it was just me and my computer but it wasn’t.


At first I thought it was my work computer, but now I realize it wasn’t. I guess I should take it out of the dumpster now. :laugh:


I have had the same problems too.


I also thought it was my computer…I’m glad it wasn’t…and I’m glad we’re all back up!


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;866178]It’s been happening to me too.

HEY… look at my countdown! :tongue:[/QUOTE]

LOL oh hahahaha! :wub:


It happened to me too. I knew it had to be MB because I could log on to other sites.