I can't sleep


I just realized that we’re leaving in 96 days and I’M NOT PACKED!!! :laugh:
Okay that may be a little silly, but seriously I’m so excited I’m freaking out:blink:. I considered waking DH up to remind him that we have less than 100 days left, but since it’s 2 am I’ll let it go. :wub: I did however wake the cat up and tell her. She didn’t seem to share in my excitment:glare: though.


LOL! good one!
I know the feeling when others don’t share in your same excitement.
Thats why we are here on mousebuzz, right?


hehehe, How about I woke up this morning, realized I am leaving in one week, and haven’t done a thing!! :eek: I’ve only typed up all of our trip information on one sheet. No clothes, no packing, nothing. :blush: I better get busy.

Congrats on your double-digit dancing!


I wish I was going in less than 100 days. I haven’t even been able to start planning another trip. However, I do appreciate your excitement.


96 days! HA! Tons of time. I think the night before works best. :laugh: Congrats on your trip!


Welcome to double digits!!!

I know how it feels to be more excited than the others… DH and DS are excited, but think I’m a bit more fanatical about it! OH WELL!! :laugh:

I am a night before packer as well! Not DS stuff, he will be packed several days in advance… but my stuff? I will still be shoving stuff in on the way out the door! :huh:


I have a box in my closet that is the designated 'Disney box"…I literally wrote that on the side. :wub: I use it to store things for the trip as I catch them on sale throughout the year. I’m the only one that knows or even cares, but I get happy all over again when I spray the kids every morning of the trip with the sunscreen I got for $1.00. :happy: I also toss in $20.00 out of each paycheck. I forget about it throughout the year and it makes a nice little shopping nestegg by the time the next trip rolls around.


:blink: What are you doing posting on here?! GO pack woman!


I know how you feel. My DH thinks I am NUTS! We have to get through the entire summer Ugggggg.

Anyway…I kinda do the same thing. I have stuff that I already bought for WDW like clothes and the like. I found the cutest mickey t shirt for $4 at K-Mart. I showed DH and he said that I would be wearing it before Sept.




:wub: I am right there with you. I have something like 63days. But my problem is we’re real tight on money right now. I have a sumer camp to get through, birhtday party which I’m hoping will provide things to put in the kids bags (we do their parties together, works great!) When DS gets back from camp, I think it’ll sink in more and I’ll be ready to freak right out and my DH will think I’m crazy and I think he’ll be a little jealous.:glare: It’s just me and DS going, he’s off with his Aunt and I’m scrapbooking. But honestly we can’t be at WDW and not go into the parks!
I’m really nervous about the tickets.:frown: I was getting myself a 10 day no exp. so I can use it for our family MVMCP trip. The money DH is owed (plumber) is SLOW to come in these days! I’m freaking out about it!:eek: I have to admit I’m REALLY nervous about leaving DD 2 for the first time, flying away from her, being in Disney w/out her and not being able to crawl in her room at night and stare & kiss my sleeping angel.:crying:


I would be nervous about leaving DS2…well almost 2. He still hasn’t had an overnighter, even with his nana. Our family is really great about giving the kids ‘going to Disney’ gifts. There are only three grandchildren on DHs side…we own two of them…so all the aunts and uncles usually toss a few dollars and a couple of outfits their way before we go every year. It’s so nice of them:wub: !

I’m not sure how old DS is, but we’ve found that the Dollar Store is great for plane and car trip toys. I usually get DD lots of new art supplies, stickers and paper. I put everything in ziplock bags inside her book bag so its stays tidy. Playdough is another great plane item. You can get the mini tubes from walmart that have keychain attatchments on the end. I hook a couple of colors on her bag and that keeps her happy while waiting in the airport or playing with it on the airplane tray.


We arrive right behind you and the only thing have done is my shopping/packing list.
I won’t start packing till I get back from Las Vegas in August.

Not fun packing for 4 especially since both kids are teenagers.


I have a big canvas bag I do this with. It’s a really great one I got for $10 at WDW with a purchase! In May I noticed they were doing this promotion again, I’d recommend it to everyone!

I also buy the glow sticks that are in the $1 store or on sale after Halloween. The kids get so tempted with the night time light up toys (which we have multiple of in a bottom of a toy box somewhere:glare: ) That when the lights go down at the parks, I snap them each a glow stick and they are :happy:!


I have 110 days to go which means I have 100 days before I tell my wife that I want to go. :tongue: She’s such a fuddy duddy.


We do the same thing! You can also get the exact water misters that WDW is selling for $15.00 at Walmart for $5. We bought some last year before we left not knowing that they would be selling them in the park. I was so happy that I bought them before I left because DD would have HAD to have one.:happy: