I can't wait!


Next year at this time I will putting the final touches on our Thanksgiving trip to WDW! I can not wait to start the planning! First we need to get the details together for our July trip 2012 that my daughter’s dance company will be taking. I won’t have much control over this trip though- the dance director will be taking control of details but its still 7 days there! So exciting to have 2 trips next year!:mickey:


yay! how awesome to have 2 to look forward to!!


Maybe she needs help planning…


I was thinking the same thing! :mickey:


I was thinking the same thing but they may all look at me like I’m a little crazy!! We love Disney so much- as most of us here do- I tend to do Disney big!:laugh: They may not like my idea of BIG!!:redface:


We love your Disney big!


Thanks Dixie! You guys always understand!!:flowers: