I changed my 'Ohana ressie


to a later time (9:45), because I know that if we eat first, Matt will not want to hang at a park anymore that day. He will not think it’s worth it for an hour or two…

But, if we’re already IN a park, he’ll hang till we hafta go. A later ressie guarentees me more time with my Mickey. :wub:

My question is - are we gonna miss alot of the fun, with a ressie so late?

Have I made a huge mistake?


I don’t think you made a huge mistake at all. This will keep you at the parks till later…bonus in my opinion. Just grab a late snack (around 5ish) to hold you over till dinner. I think it’s perfect!


i agree. perfect ressie to secure more mickey time…


Great move Erin. It’s awesome to be at the Poly that late. And from the lounge next to 'Ohana you can see Wishes!


Whew…I was really thinking maybe I had just screwed up…I’m glad I did good! :happy:

I hope they still do all the neat stuff for the kids that late!!



dinner there is great. if they have the same menu, you will have more choices than you can shake a stick at. bring your eating shoes, you are gonna need them…


I happen to have very large eating shoes :blush:

InGAMBa - We’ll totally catch Wishes, won’t we!!! I forgot!! OMG! I adore you! Thanks for reminding me! We should be done eating by then…right? It’s at 11, right? WE can just mosey to the lounge! :happy:

I am so totally glad I did that!


good to hear.

we just saw wishes for the first time from the park, it is a great show (not illuminations, mind you, but still a great show)


“All the fun” is just eating at Ohana’s. The food is AMAZING!!!


Your kids can press their little noses up to the glass and watch it right from that lounge.

I’m not sure of the time of Wishes that evening, since I am not going to be there, I haven’t looked at the schedule. But I’m sure you know where to go to find out.


Yeah, but…InGAMBa, you always did it for me, remember?? Now I’m feeling all sad. I miss the days when you planned my little WDW visits for me! :laugh: :sad: :angry: :tongue: :pinch:


OK, ok, what’s the date, I’ll look it up for you…


:laugh: It’s just the fact that you’re willing that makes me feel so much better! :laugh:

I’m teasing about actually looking it up for me. :tongue: I can do it myself…you trained me just right! :happy:


Dude you TOTALLY made the right decision! You’ll get to see Wishes!!


The light pagent passes the Polynesian at around 9:15 if I am not mistaken. You could maybe get there just a few minutes early and check it out from the beach before dinner. You can also see most of it from inside the great ceremonial house near ohanna, bu the beach is the best palce to watch it.


You rock! Thank you for this! I would of forgotten, and I’ve always wanted to watch it from a resort! :wub:

(I adore you, and if I’ve forgotten to tell you, I’m sorry!) :laugh:

I’m writing it down in our plans, because I WILL forget!


Just check the time for sure. It either comes by at 9pm or 9:15…I can’t remember which. Definately go and watch it…totally worth it. The kids (and you ) will love it!

BTW: you rock too…


Now, if we could just get you to change your underwear, we’ll be getting somewhere.


You’re assuming alot! :pinch:



Erin, when you check in at the podium, ask for a Window table facing the castle! We had one when we went in October (we were actually one table behind the actual window seat) and it was breathtaking. Nathaniel actually climbed onto the window with another girl at that table and they watched together. :wub: It was so cute!!! :wub: