I defy you not to cry!


OK, a friend posted this video on her Facebook page, and I seriously HAD to share with the MB crowd… I started crying!!! :heart:

If this has already been posted, I bet you want to watch it all over again anyway, so here goes.

Lily’s Disneyland Surprise! - YouTube!


Saw this…loved seeing it again. Cried both times :):heart:


I hadn’t seen that yet!! Too cute!! Thanks for posting!!


Yes, I cried AGAIN.

But I just love when she says “Oh my. Goodness.” :laugh:


Haha! I almost picked up the phone to book a room!


Its just so lovely!


This made me cry!


Doesn’t matter how many times I watch it - cry EVERY time!!!


I saw this on Facebook. I thought it was adorable. So I told my daughter she had to watch it. She thought it was priceless. Lily - that’s the way I feel every time I know I’m going to Disney. I cry, because I know I’m going home.