I did it - I booked our trip!


I called WDW yesterday and made our ressies for our August trip! Pop Century was not available, so I had to get all star music.

Interestingly, the CM I spoke with told me that there is no price diference between getting a 1 day base ticket (that’s all we need since I have 5 days left from last years tix and all of my waterpark options). So I told him to go ahead and add the 7 day base. My price went up $800! He was shocked. He had never seen that happen before! HELLO? FREE PARK TICKETS AND FREE DINING??? I don’t think so!

This morning I called to see if Pop was available and it was! So now we’re in POP - woohoo!

8 nights at pop with free dining and 1 day base ticket - 1069.30!!! That also includes the insurance, which I’ve never gotten before - but I’m afraid to not get it!

Now, I need the link for the countdown clock…


Hooray!!! Glad you got what you wanted. I can’t believe that CM said it was no more price to go to a 7 day ticket. :wacko:


Great news!
And a very good price too.

Enjoy the planning!!


wow, what a deal. good for you. :pirate:


Congrats to you on your trip! Get that countdown going and let the planning begin.


Yeah, you have some ADRs to make! :happy:


Congrats! Plan, plan, plan!


Congrat’s on your trip! :mickey:


COngrats on your trip! Now it’s time to start planning all those ADRs.