I did it! I switched from Contemporary to Wilderness Lodge concierge


OK, I’ve been driving myself CRAZY contemplating if I REALLY REALLY wanted to stay at the Contemporary. My husband, who I am suprising with the trip, didn’t seem very impressed when I showed him pictures of the new refurbed rooms there (It was “too urban NYC” for him) & has mentioned on numerous occassions how much he loved the WL and never got to stay there.

Sooo, in my heart I KNOW the right thing to do would be to suprise him and stay at the Wilderness Lodge instead. Here’s the magical part…

The reservations agent was able to get me a 7 night concierge level room, with a 7 day park hopper plus extras tickets & with the Disney Dining plan for $200 CHEAPER than what I had booked at the Contemporary NON-concierge!!!

I was SOOO excited & I know this will COMPLETELY blow my husband’s mind… he would have NEVER thought I would do this for him!!

I want to know all about the WL concierge!! Where can I see pictures or read about it? I’ve NEVER stayed there or stayed at ANY concierge so I am soooo excited. He is going to freak!!!

Oh, and even though the trip is not until August the agent said I can make all my ADRs for this trip on February 20th!!! So crazy! I can’t wait!


Wish, that is great news, I would love to stay at the Wilderness Lodge and with concieirge would make it all the better! What a great surprise for your DH, and how great to save $200.00!!! :happy:


Congratulations!! You are going to love Wilderness Lodge, it’s my favorite Disney resort. I haven’t stayed in conierge so I can’t help you there. Have fun planning your secret trip.


congratulations wishuponastar!! that’s a great deal. i would love to stay at WL. maybe one day when we can afford to stay there, we’ll do it. i can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.


I would also like to hear more about conceirge, etc!! Very cool, WISH!!


That’s GREAT news! Congratulations! :mickey:


All I could find were some old reviews & the regular room pictures? Anyone else know where I can see pictures of the new lounge, read about the concierge amenities, etc? I am so excited! UGh, only 270-something days to go!


Hey Wish! I found these at allears… enjoy and have a great time!



WOW! That’s excellent Wish!


Sounds like this will be a very adventurous, luxurious trip! I think you made a GREAT decision!


Wow, thats great.
We stayed at the Contemp and the WL. Both were great, but the WL is just a little better in my opinion.
I remember seeing where the WL concierge rooms were. They have a great view of the courtyard, pool area and bay lake. You are gona be staying in grand style!


How great for you and your DH. The WL is a beautiful resort and I enjoyed my stay there. We stayed in a suite and it was beautiful. Will this be a surprise for your DH or are you going to tell him of the change in plans?


He doesn’t even know we’re going OR that I’ve saved 1/2 my paychecks to pay for the trip, I plan on “wrapping a Disney suprise” under the Christmas tree. He’ll freak! He’ll be like, “is this a JOKE?” Then he’ll say “Who’s paying for this?” haha!


Wow, those pictures look great!


Thank you twinsplusone!!! Maybe I will print out some of those pictures and wrap them in the “Disney Suprise” present. Thank you!


Good for you…our next trip, thats where we will be staying too. Let me know how you like it! Have a great time.


We are staying there in Feb. and are still undecided about concierge . It looks beautiful and there is your breakfast every morning. You won’t have to buy breakfast the whole time you’re there. Tell DH that too so he sees how you are saving even more money !!! LOL


How fun!!! I do hope that you will let us know his reaction. If only someone would think of a Christmas present like this for me… :dry:


We are staying at WL Villas over Christmas and I can’t wait. We spent one night there on our May/June trip and lil brer and I fell in love. I am so happy you get to stay where your husband wants, to surprise him and to save money. I’m not sure which is better. Now, you have extra money for souvenirs.


wish that is sooooo sweet!!! :wub: I’m so happy everything worked out so well! I can’t wait to hear how you and your DH like it… I’d love to stay there!