I don't think Mickey Bars are that great


:eek: Does anyone else feel the same way? I know they are fun and have a great shape. But, I’d go for an ice cream sundae or a cone or some pie or cake or cheesecake.

I’ve eaten them. I will probably still eat them, but I just don’t love them.
There is my Disney confession for the day. :wink:


oooooowww Sounds like a smackdown/face off:

Mickey bars V. Dole whips?

I vote Dole whip


While we’re on the topic, those giant turkey legs have never appealed to me. I’ve considered eating one, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

It’s weird, because I love knowing that they’re there, because it gives me such a Disney feeling. I just don’t want to eat them. :huh:


ok… I understand the whole Turkey Leg thing! But MICKEY BARS are my favorite!!! I mean their not a Dairy Queen Blizard, but oh my goodness I would chose a MickeyBar over Dairy Queen any day!!! WHY… Cause that means I’m at WDW!!!


They are not my cup of tea either. I prefer the frozen bananas…lol My DBF and DD love them though.


i’d rather have the tollhouse cookie ice cream sandwiches, but dd would rather the mickey bar (probably because of the shape more than anything)


the BEST were the magnum bars (can’t remember their disney name- maybe it was Goofy bar?)- vanilla ice cream with a CARAMEL layer under the chocolate outside. The best ice cream on a stick!


Now Magic Bars…there’s a treat!


Mickey Bar = Meh. (But I do love that they exist. The world is a better place with Mickey Bars.)

I won’t consider a turkey leg.

I’m not all that interested in trying a Dole Whip.

Ahhhhhh… confession IS good for the soul… :wink:


I tried to eat one…once. I now gag at the smell of them. I had a major case of turkey overdose I think…EWWW I gag thinking of them now. While I am in confession mode, let me tell you that a dole whip does not even appeal to me. I like the popcorn and a frozen banana…that’s it. I am one of the original picky eaters…I wonder where my DD gets it? lol


This is blasphemy! Mickey bars rule!!!


Here ya go, Dana <passes over a frozen banana>…enjoy!


Thems fightin’ words!
Jk. I like the old Mickey bars. Vanilla head, chocolate for the eyes and mouth, and then the chocolate covered ears. Good stuff.

But everyone has their own opinion. I’d rather have a margarita than a Mickey Bar, :laugh: to each his own.


Me too!!! I love frozen bananas! I…er…I’ve never…um…tried a Mickey Bar :eek: :redface:


I love the frozen bananas too Dana!!!

But my favorite of all time is the magnificent, heroic TURKEY LEG!!!


Gotta say I love the turkey legs… to me that is being at WDW…Ok you can all start laughing but I have never had a Dole Whip. Never even saw one in WDW. Whats the deal with them?


I would never in 5 billion years eat a turkey leg :blow: But, they do smell good!

Mickey Icecream bars are yummeriffic!!

I’ve never had a dole whip, and I’ve never really been on a mission to get one. I just…don’t want one! :eek:


I’m so glad someone brought this up! A few years back we went to WDW and then Disney’s Vero Beach resort. At both places we had the Mickey Bars. They were SOOOOO good! Creamy ice cream and excellent milk chocolate coating. They definately tasted like Hagen-Daaz with Godiva chocolate. This past Oct. I had a Mickey Bar at WDW and it just wasn’t the same!! It tasted like something you would get from the ice cream man in the little ice cream trucks that drive around our neighborhood!! Have they changed or was it just my imagination?


I love the Frozen Banana’s!!! I even ate one at WDW this year… we enjoyed our trip so much more due to the Disney Dining Plan… I mean we paid for them we have to eat them!!


This thread is very cool. It demonstrates the wide diversity of all DCers, which is a great thing. To me, this is a microcosm of how well WDW (and DLR as well) appeals to so many people with such different tastes.

Anyway…back to the subject! I MUST have at least 2 Mickey Bars every day while at WDW. It’s the whole chocolate, ice cream taste and texture thing. I have never been attracted to turkey legs or frozen bananas. I’ve never had a Dole Whip either, but after reading so much about them here, I’m looking forward to trying one on our next trip. Come on brain freeze!