I don't understand how the DVC works


Can someone tell me if the DVC is really worth the $$$$$$? I have all of the information at my house, but after adding it up, it doesn’t seem like it’s that great a deal. I mean, we can book a vacation for the Animal Kingdom Lodge with parkhoppers and everything for around $3000. The same vacation with the DVC would add up to over $16,000. Am I missing something really big? I’d love to join if it was worth it because we :heart: Disney, but we’ll just keep booking seperate vacations for that $$$$$$.


Well, a lot of DVC owners look at it a little differently. Most people we’ve talked to (and most poeple here who buy into DVC) don’t look at WDW as a “sometime” vacation destination. We usually go at least twice a year. If we were going to visit WDW once every five years or so, I’d agree with you - but there is no way we could afford to go at least twice a year, which is what we want to do. It’s a very personal decision. We purchased in 2000, and paid off our loan last year. It wasn’t a snap decision. We visited and reviewed the situation for two years. With the number of points we have, we can have two weeks a year at WDW - one in a one-bedroom suite (usually with our kids) and one in a studio, (usually just my dh and me). Other than our maintenance fees, we don’t have to spend any more money on accomodations. We also prefer having a suite instead of a room when we go as a family. It gives us space to spread out and space to have some alone time. And we like the idea of being able to pass this on to our children. If we, or them, choose to sell our membership, Disney will buy it back from us. So - I guess it’s a matter of “to each his own”.


Well, with DVC, you get a certain amount of points each year until your contract ends, sometime in 2042 or 2052, depending on the resort. So, you pay your $15,000 or whatever, plus you annual dues, and you get that many points each year until it expires. Each year, we get 270 points, enough for a 2 bedroom villa for 2 weeks. So yes, while that vacation may be $16,000 through DVC, you can do it for 40 years or so included basically in that initial fee.

If you travel to Disney at least every other year, and like to stay in moderate or better resorts, it is the best way to go.



It is really a long story, a good one, but a long one. I would suggest that you PM a few people (me included) that post in the DVC forum and we can explain it better.:cool:


So, when you pay off the original purchase, all you do is pay the dues? Can you change which resort you stay in each time? We love going to WDW and would love to start going there about 1-2 times a year now that our kids are getting older and they can use the transportation by themselves. I think we’d be fine if it was the only place we went for vacation from now on. I love it because we know where everything is already. I think the initial cost for the 150 points was going to be $14,700, plus the dues. What do the dues end up equaling per month? Do you have a yearly fee on top of all that? I thought that maybe there was something I was missing, because there are alot of people in the DVC that love it.



To answer your first question - yes, after paying off your purchase price, you only have to pay your yearly maintenance fees. You can stay in a different resort - for instance, the first points we purchased were at Vero Beach. We’ve never stayed at Vero Beach, but we’ve stayed at every resort at WDW. The only catch is that you cannot make reservations for other DVC properties longer than 7 months out. Personally, that has never been a problem for us. But, then again, I’m easy.:laugh: I’m pretty happy with all the WDW DVC properties and if I can’t get into, say, Boardwalk Villas, I’ll be just as happy at Saratoga Springs. There is no yearly fee on top of the maintenace fees.


You guys have been most helpful, I’m going to look into this further. Thanks So Much…:biggrin:


Llama, any problems getting into any DVC when you want at 7 months? Have you ever got shut out completely by owning at Vero Beach?



I’ve nothing new to add, but I agree with the perspectives here. We bought in so that we can take a family vaca every two years, and a smaller vaca for my wife and I on the alternate years.
We are comfortable with the children going off on there own, using Disney transportation. We didn’t jump into it. We looked at the costs vs the benefits. Because we have the rooms paid for, we can better budget the rest of the trip. and as long as SouthWest keeps their rates down - we’re all good.


ok so here is my problem with it- the dues are not cheap either so on top of what you pay for the points you are paying dues on top of it. The cost of the dues over 2 years for the amount of points we needed was the same as the hotelpart of our stay. So on top of monthly payments to pay off the initial payment we would also be paying 2 years worth of dues to go every other year. How does that add up for you all? I could not get the math to work in our favor. And what do you do with the passes and discounts? I also could not get it to be cheaper than doing a package. How do you get it to be cheaper? I too have been doing lots of thinking on this


No, never. In fact the only time we had to take a property we didn’t request was in March. My dd and I decided to go within the week and we requested BWV. We had to take SSR. That was the only time, and it was because we were going within a matter of days.


At the moment we get $100.00 off Annual Passes. As of April we can get the dining plan. Our maintenance fees per year are about $800.00. I just read a thread in “Resorts” where a night at the Poly was $400.00. So, at that amount, you would get two nights at the Poly. For $800.00 we get a suite for two weeks a year. To go every other year - no, it probably wouldn’t be financially feasible. But we go twice a year.


For us it is like we finance the accomadations. So when vacation time comes, All I need to get to cover are park tix and food and travel. The vacation homes are very roomy. (check the sq. ft.)
This is important to us. We like to have some quiet family time in the morning or evenings. Standard rooms would be too cramped.


Thanks for all the great info. I as well could not see the benefits, but now I do, DH has been seeing the benefits for awhile and trying to talk me into it, LOL


The other benefit that many do not realize is for families that have more than 4. Hotel rooms are almost always geared for 4. We have 5 in our immediate family. DVC accomodations allow for 5 to stay in a 1 bedroom which helps us out instead of getting two rooms.

Along those same lines, we have taken the opportunity to take our extended family at times. My sister, brother-in-law and mother-in-law have all gone with us on our points. Sad to say but probably we wouldn’t do that as much without the DVC.


That is one of the things that I was considering- to see if my brother wants to go in on them and we could have our two families together since we tend to go with them anyhow. That way we could all stay in our place and have plenty of room and savings


Sounds like fun!


:eek: Am I understanding this correctly, you get a suite for two weeks/year for $800.00??? Can you break that up into monthly payments?

So, after the payoff of the loan, it really starts. And then to offset the price of the tickets, you just get Annual Passes?

What about the other places besides WDW that are in the information packet? Have you been to any of those places? Or do you have to purchase something different. For example, I saw that there is an Alaska cruise to Glacier Bay.


It is my understanding that you have 2 choices on the fees. You can pay it in one lump sum or they will debit you checking or savings account monthly.

We chose the lump sum option.


but I have issues with paying a monthly amount to finance the initial 13g and have to pay fees on top of that a year. Its almost like not being able to afford your trip because you have to pay for your future trips first. That was where I was having issues with it- And its not like we can afford to go more than once a year because its a lot of $$ to fly from CT to FLA with a family of 6- this would be why we have to go every other year if not two years.