I don't usually do this but, it's a good cause


I know there are a lot of loving people on this board so I thought I’d post this here.

I heard an ad on the radio today and apperantly this one DJ at a radio station in Savannah (near Hilton Head) raises money to send kids with terminal illnesses to Disney World for a week. Last year he raised enough for 40 some kids…I know I will be making a donation…I have been blessed in many ways this year and I love to give back…
Anyways, heres the link…this is no way a handout, I have no affiliation with these people…just thought I’d share!

97-3 KISSFM - Today’s Best Music - Savannah


Thanks for sharing! That is a great cause. :heart:


It’s a wonderful cause. Thanks for posting the link.


Just thinking maybe MB should have it’s own cause. I mean if you want to give, not in any way asked to give.