I don't want to go to WDW again


How is this for a grown 6’4 man who said many times that he’d rather not go to WDW with me again - “It’s not my thing, honey. I’ve been there enough times with you”.
Every time I brought up a trip to Disney, his eyes would go like this :rolleyes: and like this :blink:. Pretty soon, I didn’t talk about it any longer. I simply went ahead to make reservations for myself. I bought plane tickets for myself, reserved a room at SoG, I was preparing myself for a solo trip by reading solo trip reports on the Disboards.

Yesterday at Friday Night Fishfry we were all discussing our various trips this year, he talking about going to Arizona with the boys this month,etc. Me, not mentioning Disney in fear of seeing :rolleyes: and :blink:.
Suddenly DH says to his sister “Dopey is going to WDW by herself this year.” “oh really?” the sister replied.
“yes”, he says “she has not invited me to come along”
Me: “:huh: you didn’t want to go. I tried not to be a pain about it, so I didn’t ask again”.
DH : “We always have such a great time there. I want to go”

:huh: :huh::pinch:
Now the question is, will we be traveling on the same plane or are all the seats sold out? :pirate:


Funny, how they have so much fun when they are there, isn’t it??? Glad he is going to have fun with you…


I have no idea how long you have been married, but if it is more than a day, you know how they are :laugh: No male bashing, just saying they usually get that way on the outside, but on the inside they get excited too:laugh:
DH gets like that for each trip, grouchy as a matter a fact and then always thanks me for planning the whole thing.:laugh::laugh:

Go get your hubby a seat on that plane.:redface:


Mine gets so excited too, although he says he is tired of going. However, when he gets there- he says that he has a really good time. Plus, he plays with the kids just like he is a kid… and he loves it too…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Ahhh… so he does like Disney!!!


How funny. I’m so happy he WANTS to go and says he has fun. Enjoy!


Heehee, I am happy about that too. Thanks everybody.
I could never understand why he didn’t want to go anymore because after every trip he raves to everyone about how great the planning was and what fun we had

Kidany - I have been married longer than you’ve been alive and I must say, you are correct. I should have seen all of this coming along time ago.

Ummmm…apparently he does like Disney :closedeye:simba::goofybounce::simba::goofybounce::minnie: :mickey:


Just tell him: “You snooze, you lose!” :slight_smile:


Yay I am so pleased he is going after all! Now to get him that plane ticket!!!


Duct tape him to the wing, and head on down… LOL


:rolleyes::rolleyes: Men. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
They should come with a set of directions. :laugh: But they do keep life interesting, don’t they?

Now, you find a way to get him on that plane!!


Can he fit in a pet crate?


But no, I love it when we go together. He is so fun and loves to spend money on anything I can want and he loves good restaurants… I want him to come but I am going to :rolleyes: at him for a little while :laugh::redface:


So, will this be an adults only trip?


Yay! An adults only trip!!! You are going to have so much fun. So glad he changed his mind and is going with you.:happy:


yes, the last two trips have been adult trips - I have to say in his defense, that we went to WDW in January and November of last year. That is too much even for me and I had said, “that is enough for a good long time” - Until I changed my mind last week :laugh:


The only hitch in the giddy-up might be that the boys don’t have anyone to stay with them And, although they are old enough to stay by themselves and play adults, they would not go to school, I think. I have to come up with a quick solution.


It comes down to the simple fact that men do not know WHAT they want. That’s why marriage was invented, so that we could tell them what they want. And do they ever seem grateful for it? NO!

Remember my recent dilemma Iris - Neil actually thought he wanted to be in Orlando for FOUR days without me. Of course he didn’t - he just needed me to point it out.

Well, put the little fellow on whatever plane is available - at least you’ll have your solo trip on the way down. And have a super-great time!:happy:


My dh was like that for our bay lake tower weekend in january. The only thing that kept him quiet was knowing I got the room at a HUGE discount. So of course after the trip HE INSISTED on filling out the three surveys he gotand he wrote about how much he LOVES going there


Iris, I’m so happy for you that Mike is going with you. You’re going to have so much more fun planing now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get him on the same plane as yours. Being 8 months out, I don’t think you should have any trouble.