I found a new Florida resident ticket but can't find the details on it,HELP!


I seen on AAA that there is a new 4 day dream ticket but I cannot find out any info on it. Can someone let me know where it is or if you find info on it to post a link here, Thanks!!


MouseSavers.com - Disney World Ticket Discount Info - Save on DisneyWorld Tickets

this site has all the discounts for AAA members I believe.


Hmmm, have not heard of that one. We recently purchased a weekday only FL resident ticket, though. We can attend all parks and hop M-Fr. with black out dates.


This is the ticket we are thinking of getting ~ for the price, it seems like the best value, even with the many black out dates.


I did finally call and this new 4 day dream ticket takes affect on Jan. 3, so they would not give me any info on it. I am going to purchase a 3 day play ticket and then upgrade to the new Fl. resident weekday pass. I will then be able to get my extra 3 months in. I love that new pass. I will then upgrade to a regular seasonal pass in June.


Is it the same black out dates as the regular seasonal pass?


I know that there is a new 4 day military ticket through SoG on their web site. It is $99.00 and you can add PH and/or WP&more to it and it becomes available on 3 Jan. No word yet if they will be available at the WDW windows though.

I recently sent an email to WDW to see if it would be at the WDW windows also and got a typical response of “we do not know at this time what ticket offers will be available in 2010”. They responded back on 16 December, 17 days from 2010. Good god, they must think we are idiots. Or is it that they hire idiots for some positions?:laugh::laugh: