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Okay, I don’t know how often this subject comes up but…my parents went to Walt Disney World resort about 2 years ago and had park hopper ticket (like a 5 day hopper). Well, there was one day left on the ticket after they left. Does anybody know how I can find out if that ticket is still valid? Does anybody know if it is right off hand? The ticket is somewhat worn, but it does have one day left on it.

Any ideas?


Your ticket will never expire. If it does have one day left on it then it is a valid ticket. Since it is 2 years old it should still go through the car reader at the gate and can be used at all four parks. If it can not be read at the gate not a quick trip to the Customer Relations counter will get it fixed. The CM will be able to see how many days are left on the ticket.

And before you ask, no there is no way that I know of to confirm that the ticket has one day left. They can tell you at the gate, but not over the phone.

Hope this helps.


According to Anita Answer at allearsnet, there is no way to know if all the days have been used or not. She answered this question in the last two weeks. Here’s a link:


good luck, hope it helps


Lucky dog that you are. As already stated, they do not expire.


I have a question about tickets so I am going to insert it here in the hopes it will get an answer.

I have 1 day left on each of 2 tickets from last Nov. I need to buy 3 or 4 day passes for my next trip in a few weeks. Should I just use them or trade them in and if so, does anyone know if they will credit me the days or deduct the money I paid for them from the new Magic your way tickets?

Hope this isn’t too dumb of a question, I just want to understand how this will work when I go to do it.

As always, thanks for the help!


I think you can also trade in the extra days towards a Magic Your Way Ticket


You CAN trade them in, but it is easier just to use them as PH’s. It can get REALLY complicated, so if you do decide to trade them in do it at the theme park Guest Relations, and not the resort ticket counters.


You have confirmed the suspicions lurking in the back of my mind that I couldn’t quite put words too!

Thanks for the advice!


Thank you all so very much, you have been very helpful. I am very excited, for I will be heading to Orlando this summer! :slight_smile: I found out yesterday.