I Found Pal Mickey at a consignment!


I was at a consignment sale the other day browsing around, and something caught my eye… a mickey mouse stuffed animal with a clip. I looked around, thinking this was a joke, because the price was… $6.50!!! I just bought one for our Jan 09 trip last nov for $70!!! Does anyone know the going price on the Mickey’s? I’m hoping to make my $$ back on the other one!


I believe the production and sale of Pal Mickey was discontinued last October, or so. You cannot buy them through Disney anymore. I have heard that the old ones still work, but I do not know first hand. I don’t know what you could recoup now.


have you checked ebay? maybe you could get some idea of how much they’re going for if they’re even selling at all


Or you could just… give it to me… :laugh:


I bought one in Jan 2007 and I was wondering if I should bring it back. We are going next week. Are they still active?


From what I have heard they are still active they just no longer sell them


I just checked ebay, and the ones that seem to be in good, working condition are going for a nice chunk of change. The one that had the lowest bid still has nearly 6 days of bidding left and it is up to $88.00. I’d definitely try listing it on ebay! Good luck!


We just pulled ours out…I think we got it for our 2005 trip? Put in new batteries and he is ready to go! We won’t take him to the parks, he is just not loud enough to hear, but we will take him to POP - I love my Pal Mickey!

good buy - hope you do well on him.