I get to book my ADR's tomorrow WOOHOO!


I am so excited that I could burst:pinch:

I have been obsessing over this for at least a month and I hope I can get all that I want.

DH, DSS(1), DS and myself arrive 7/14 with DSS(2) and DDIL arriving 7/16. Fri., 7/22 DSS and DDIL are leaving and the rest of us are leaving Sat., 7/23.

Tell me what you think…

7/14 - Chef Mickey’s Dinner
7/15 - Spirit of Aloha Dinner
7/16 - Donald’s Safari Breakfast
- Ohana’s Dinner
7/17 - San Angel Inn Dinner (DSS/DDIL)
- Tutto Italia Dinner (Me/DH/DSS/DS)
7/18 - Mama Melrose Dinner
7/19 - Cape May Cafe Breakfast (DSS/DDIL going to Universal)
- Sci Fi Dine (DSS/DS)
- 50’s Prime Time (DH/me)
7/20 - 1900 Park Fare Dinner
7/21 - Rainforest Cafe Dinner
7/22 - Teppan Edo Dinner

K that was a mouthful:blush:


Sounds good to me. Start writing the TR now and include pictures. :laugh:


Oh have fun. I bet there’s no sleeping in tomorrow, huh?


No sleeping in and sick on top of it!