I got a free upgrade!


We just got a free upgrade from All Star Sports to Saratoga Springs!!:laugh: This will be our fifth year in a row to go to WDW and we have never got an upgrade!! We are soooooooo excited! We got the upgrade AND we already had FREE DINING AND we got an unbelievable price on airline tickets AND we are going to MNSSHP for the first time AND we got some great ADRs AND we are getting money back from the upgrade!!!:wub: WOOHOO!!


Way to go! That sounds like quite a deal. How did you find that out? I’m crossing my fingers that we will get some pixie dust in 6 weeks when we are there.


Go you! What a trip.


Wow, that makes two mousebuzzers with the upgrade! Cool beans.


Wow- that’s going to be one awesome trip!!! Of course you’ll share all the details when you come home!!? Right???:blush::blush::laugh:


how do you get a free upgrade and get money back???


We got the upgrade through an email that my dad got. We made the reservations at the same time, but he got an email and I didn’t. :ohmy: I called to check out the free upgrade and we were able to use it on BOTH of the reservations! As far as getting money back, he is being credited with $2 and I am being credited $82!! I know that is because of the difference in the hotel tax because SSR is in a different county. The CM didn’t know why my credit was so much though. We double checked everything and all of our information is correct! I got my invoice this morning and it is correct also!!! We ALWAYS stay in a value resort so this one bedroom villa will be unbelievable! Now I have to research SSR because I know NOTHING about it!


Did he get the email today or on July 23? Just curious…


When are you going? Wow, I am green with envy. Have a super great time!


How wonderful! Enjoy the upgraded digs.


SSR is my favorite resort. You’re going to love it.


Fantastic. Good for you- enjoy :smile:


You know, I am beginning to think this is something they do for repeat guests to maybe entice them to buy DVC. Show off how great these resorts are and whammo, they might sell a few memberships that way :wink:


I checked into Pop during the Buy 4 get 3 promo. We were only staying the weekend and they offered to bump us up to SSR! We didn’t take the offer, only because we were so ready to check in and get to Blizzard Beach.

I’m glad we didn’t though, since we were POP’s family of the day! We received turn down service and chocs on our pillows!

CONGRATS on the upgrade! Have a great trip! :happy:


You know, you have a point there! Never thought about it like that- it would certainly make my DH do a double take! Iam slowly breaking him down on buying DVC-we need to stay in one of the DVC resorts just once to hook him!:wink:


It was actually the July 23rd email…my dad just checked his email yesterday!!! :ohmy: We just took a chance and the CM actually didn’t think they would have any availability since it had been a week…BUT then she checked and she was able to find 2 rooms!!:wub:


Our trip dates are Sept. 26-Oct. 3. Our DD still doesn’t know that we are going!! Her birthday is next week and we are going to tell her then! :wub: I can’t wait to tell her…


So here’s what you do, you get yourself a DVC guide, you tell him/her the plan to make your husband want to buy DVE. In turn you ask the guide to get you an upgrade from your resort to a DVC resort and whammo, your husband is going to sign on the dotted line. I think I will try that myself :closedeye


And don’t forget to use a Mousebuzz dvc member as a referral when you contact the dvc guide for a first time. Perks are out there to be had!


That is so exciting!! :eek: Surprise upgrades are just the best; they add so much magic to your trip!!! (We were upgraded from CBR to the Poly in 2001…it still ranks as one of the most magical Disney surprises ever. :wub:)

Have a blast!!