I got an ME Envelope!


I had to share!! I am so excited! I got my Magical Express tags today!!! :happy:
The trips always feel so much more real when that ME envelope shows up!!:happy:


Yay for you. You are soooooo close :smile:




Not near as close as you my dear!!! Can you smell those turkey legs???:laugh:


that’s exciting…



how exciting!! your trip is getting closer!!!


Oh how exciting! What a great Christmas this will be for you!


YAY!!! Christmas at Disney!!! :happy:


Oh so close. I think you will be getting there just before we are leaving!


I see your graduating on the 10th…my sister is graduating on the 15th! This trip is in her honor.


:laugh: It seems like a MBers convention. Alot are going yo WDW at this time of the year.:laugh: