I Got It!


I went to my mailbox yesterday and there it was…a big, thick envelope from Disney:wub: ! Inside were my vouchers and tags and a summary of my plans! It makes me realize just how close my trip is and Disney remembers we are coming!!! Thought I would share!:heart: :heart:


YEA!! Isn’t that envelope the best?


:wink: AAHHH… that’s exciting! I think anticipating the trip is as much fun as the actual trip!:wink:


:mickey: HOT DOG!! very nice to hear that you’re starting to get that jazzy warm-n-fuzzy disney feelin’, lol


I :heart: the warm fuzzy feeling you get from an upcoming Disney trip:wub: !


Can’t wait to get mine…oops got to pay it off first!


That is great… but you scared me with “I Got It” thought you might have caught something terrible.


Oh hooray! I love getting a package from Disney. What do the luggage tags look like?


:goofybounce: YAY! I love “any” Disney mail…except my Disney Visa bill.:glare: :laugh:


Sounds wonderful!!! I love Disney mail, too :mickey:


LOL!! Your too funny! I would have put a :crying: or:angry: with that one!!


Woohoo! I cant wait til we get our Luggage Tags…omg i get so excited just thinking about it. But we need to pay off our trip first…that will be this weekend!


Yay, Disney mail. That is so exciting. You’re almost at the 30 day mark.


I know-I can’t believe we are almost at the 30 day mark! When we started our countdown, we were at like 350 some days! It went on forever!!


That’s awesome. I guess I should be getting mine from Mouseketrips any day now :happy: :happy: :happy:


Disney mail is great :heart:…can’t wait till I get mine