I Got Le Cellier ADR!


Probably no big deal to anyone else, but for the past three trips, I have always tried to get an ADR for dinner at Le Cellier. Because of us always booking trips not too far out, Le Cellier has always been booked solid. So, this trip, today was 180 days out. I called this morning and got a dinner reservation!!! Only problem, I have no one to celebrate with. DS’s kind of shrugged their shoulders when I told them, and DH said “What’s Le Cellier?” (He doesn’t like sit downs, got to keep on moving! So, ususally don’t make ADR’s). So I guess I went to somewhere who could appreciate my excitement.


YUM!!! that sounds delicious right now!! they’ll be glad you got the ADR when they are enjoying it in just 182 days!!


Good for you, emamasa!!! We’re celebrating with you!


Congratulations! I totally understand how you feel. For the last 3 trips I’ve been lucky to get a lunch ADR at Le Cellier. My 180 days is in a week a dinner ADR is the first thing I’m going to ask for!

Did you get the time you wanted or did you just ask for any dinner time?


No, I wanted 6:00pm, but they only had 5:00pm, which is fine. I sat on hold for almost 15 minutes before they answered, so I guess a lot of people were calling.


I had just cancelled a lunch reservation for April so I was thinking “could she have gotten that one”. But no, April was a bit early for you. Glad you got one.


I am excited for you. You will love it, and you know what? Your DH will love it too, even if he does have to “sit down and eat”

Ah, the pretzel bread is great, and if you like cheese soup, you MUST get it! If we went this year, even though appetizers are not included, I would still pay for it. you’ve never had a steak like it before!

ENJOY and you will be glad you did!

Actually when we do go back, I’m book Le Cellier twice, once at the beginning of the week and one at the end, and my DH agreed!


Congrats, that is awesome! :happy: I definitely understand what a big deal that is…neither DH or I have been there, but we are dying to try it. We are definitely going to do our best to book as far out as possible for our next trip so we can get an ADR at Le Cellier!


That is great new! I hope to be as fortunate when I make my ADR’s in March.

I am excited for you.


Yummy!! You gotta try the cheese soup…I personally thought…ew…cheese soup…yuck but I ordered it anyway because everyone on here said such amazing things about it and honestly…it is the BEST soup I have ever had!


yummy I will take Dhs place in a heartbeat I love Le cellier


Did anyone else love the shrimp wasabi coleslaw appetizer? I thought it was great, but not too many people mention it over the soup. I loved the way that coleslaw tasted. Yum Yum good!!!
Congrats on getting your ressie! We are hoping to get another ADR there too. If I can’t get dinner I am definitely getting lunch.


Le Cellier is my ABSOLUTE favorite meal of all time!!! SERIOUS!

If you like mushrooms and filet mignon, the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!


congrats! My old home :slight_smile: best eats in Disney!


Congratulations!! Mousebuzzers always appreciate it when a good ADR is scored!


The Shrimp appy is my FAVOURITE!!

Congratulations on your ADR! My dd Emily will be working there - say hello to her!


Your Daughter is working there?!!?! when did she start?! omg thats so cool!
If I get in I’ll be going around June I hope she’ll be there soon. What apt is she in? Does she have any other Canadian roommies?


Yes, my younger DD, Emily, left for her adventure on Feb 5 - so she’s still in orientation. She’s having a great time - too many parties for MY liking though.:glare: She’s in the “Commons”. Her roommates are from Germany, South Africa, and two girls from Japan who she has yet to meet.:confused: She went down with one boy from Wpg. and met another girl there from Wpg. and Van., but doesn’t have any Canadian roommates - however, she’s been to a “Canadian Throw-In? Party”, and several others, has met lots of people and says it still feels very “surreal” for her to be down there.I’ll tell her you’re coming back.:happy:

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Maybe not that early, but I have noticed that they usually run late on ressies, you might get closer to 5:30 or even 6:00. Great place for dinner, enjoy!


It is a big deal. It is one of the most popular here. Enjoy it’s worth it.