I got my Disney Dollars


…from my Disney Visa card. I have 82 Disney Dollars to spend. Weeeeeeeeee…lots of Churros for meeeeeeeeeee! :tongue:


Did you have to buy them at the store or did you get them online somewhere? I’ve been trying to find a place online but haven’t had any luck. :crying:


They are actually my rewards dollars. If you have a Disney Visa card, you get 2% of your spending back as Disney Dollars.


Oh, I have those too. some of mine will expire soon, so I was looking for actual Disney Dollars to save and spend at WDW. And I thought you had found those :crying:


Can’t you buy them at the Disney Store?


Who’s getting 2%? I’m getting 1% as a base rate. Has it changed? I would be rollin’ in the rewards if it would just increase a bit!!!

Ditto re: Disney Dollars - you can get them at the theme parks or at a Disney store… I use them for allowance for my DD(9) :O) That way all my Disney Rewards are MINE all MINE! smirk



:wub: I can appreciate $82 worth of churros, lol.


Uhhh - what’s a churro?


:wub: A long fried doughnut-like bit of heaven that is a little crispy on the outside, a little warm on the inside and dredged in cinnamon and sugar :wub:


You’ve never had a churro??? oh, you are missing out!


Sure do love those reward dollars!! And churros!! Now I am hungry…goes in search of cookies at work*


Yup I know, the hassles of living in the country though and no store around for 100s of miles. Pooh Fan offered to get some for me, but I missed that boat.

Anyhow…thanks…I was just hoping… :crying:


heart failure…passes out


:laugh:Oh no, wake up, he was just joking. I hope! :laugh:


I live pretty close to a couple Disney Stores if you’d like me to get you some.


churros! well churros, coca cola, and pins…that is how I would spend my disney dollars…hey, wait, come to think of it…I haven’t used disney dollars in ages:(


I love the concept of them…I hope they are around when I have kids because I can just give them disney dollars instead of actual money you know.


I didn’t read this whole thread because I am sick and just too darn tired, but I just bought some Disney Dollars at the Disney store.