I got my ME tags!


I just have to tell someone. I am so excited–I got my Magical Express packet today!!! I’m 26 days out and it already came, that’s a week sooner than last year. I also got 4 yellow tags per person. There is no way we are each taking 4 bags but I like the option.

My packet came with a pin voucher so Nathan will have one more pin to trade when we go.

Off to do my secret DME dance now…



I am SO excited for you all. I can’t wait to hear all about it…especially nate’s reaction to the surprise.


It’s a good thing that Nate didn’t see the mail,right?


One step closer!!!


It’s a good thing he never pays attention to the mail. I’ve changed our reservation 3 or 4 times and he’s yet to question the blue WDW envelopes.


If he does question, say you’re paying up from a previous trip!


That’s what I was thinking about, that or tell him it’s stuff for a trip next summer. I keep telling him we’ll go back when he’s 9 so I’m sure that would work.


Congrats, Steph!!! Doesn’t that make the trip that much closer??? :wink:


Have you thought about how you’re going to pack things for Nathan without him noticing? I’ve always got our luggage & piles spread all over the living room. Do you have a good place to hide all of it?


Yes! I just want it to get here. It’s taking forever for the days to tick off. I thought with still being in school that it would go faster but I don’t think it’s helped a bit. I just want to tell Nathan and see his face because he’s going to be so excited.


Oh Stephaine, I am so jealous… I wish it was me… I still have 140 days… I want to leave tomorrow…
I can’t believe they sent you 4 tags for each person. Could be it’s 2 tags per person for each way. I know I am going to need 8 tags for each way.

Ennjoy yourself… I am so JEALOUS.


I think the tags are only for when you arrive. Last summer the sky cap took all the ME tags off when we checked in to go home. Last summer we were told 2 tags each but I think I got 4 and everyone else got 2.

I am so ready to go, I want to pull our bags out and start packing but I can’t. I’m going to have to wait until the last minute and do it all at once while Nathan is gone for a few hours.


I got mine yesterday too! Doesn’t it make you feel like things are finally happening!!
I thought I got 4 each as well, then I looked at the back. I think they are longer than they were last year.


If I am excepting 4 tags each, I better hide a few… my 16 year old DD will try to use all of them. I am just hoping she won’t pack her room up, last year when we went to Bermuda she packed a huge bag and used 1/2 of my suiter and it was only the two of us. I am hoping she will only use one bag. Do you know if I have to pack towel for Blizzard Beach


You can rent towels at BB. I’m sure it’s not the right thing to do but we take hotel towels to the water parks if we fly. We pop by the pool on our way out and grab two. I’m not wasting space with beach towels.


I got my ME tags about 26 days out too. Last nov, I got them about a week before and the were all wrong. That trip they had my son leaving before he even got there.


My DH said the same thing to me, but I wasn’t sure. I was just going to pack a duffle bag with some towels and our water shoes…


Congratulations DisneyTeacher! By the way, how are you holding up, keeping the secret and all?! :cool:


Alright DT !!
Your trip is coming FAST!


I’m hanging in there. I almost blew it yesterday but covered quickly with “…the next time we go” instead of saying “…on our trip.” It was close but I didn’t ruin it.