I got my Reservation Stuff today!


Complete with DME tags! :laugh:

I won’t be flying, obviously…but, they’re really cute!!!

The clear vinyl envelope thingie is so cute with the Mickeys on it :wub:

I love it! I was already excited, but now I’m absolutely, extremely, OBSESSED with the days going by AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! (Until we get there, that is!)





I need to ask for DME tags, too, even though I’m not flying either!


Erin, I forget. Are you staying at CBR, too?

I got my preliminary stuff last week from AAA, btw.


Hey, Rib! I’m staying at the Pop!


Andrea - I think they just automatically send them! :heart: They’re so cute!


OH yay Erin!! I can’t wait for the TR!!


It is always so fun to get anything from Disney in the mail. Here’s hoping the time flies by(the waiting time, not the trip time,!)


Aww, Thanks, Pugirl! :wub:


I love the luggage tags - since we did room only this time we didn;t get them!!!:crying: :crying: :crying: All I got was a stinkin’ piece of paper with confirmation numbers on it.:crying: :crying: :crying:

Sorry to bring your thread down.:laugh:


Haha, Amen, Sistah!


:wub: I’ll send you mine! :wub:

Stoopid room only bias :mad:


I love getting that envelope, it sure beats getting the bills!


Yeah! I agree!!! I was so excited…this is my first time getting such a great envelope!

I can’t put those tags on my bags just for fun, can I?? Will it confuse the staff, if I want to leave my luggage with them when I check in early?


That’s awesome Erin. You’re excitement level must be off the charts. :wacko:

Don’t you love that old school Mickey on the front of the pamphlet?


I did. Even though we drove, I put the tags on the luggage, even before I put the clothes in there. And, we did use bell services, as our room wasn’t ready yet. Didn’t even think of confusing them. Just had to have them used!


Enjoy!! You are going to have a BLAST! I expect plenty of pictures and stories!! What are your dates again?


I really can’t wait!! None of us can! We’re SO ready for a WDW fix!

We’ll be there the 26-30th, with a possible add on for on day on the 30th!




:laugh: I think Matt has to work that sunday…we’re seeing if he can get that day off…if he can, we are!


Just tell him to not show up that day! So what if they suspend him for job abandonment! He can just file a grievance! We’re talking about an extra day at WDW here! :laugh: :laugh:


I hope you all have a great time.