I Got my SW tickets for June!


I checked yesterday morning, as I do at least 3 times a day, and they were still only booking thu June 9th. Then, while I was out with my kids, DH calls. He checked while at work and they are now booking thru 8/3! I walk him thru what flights we want, and we now hvae RT tickets direct from Providence to MCO for $136 each! Total for 4 $540!!! The cheapest fare wasn’t available for the 8:00am flight, so we booked a later flight coming home so we would have 5 full days.

So, tentative plans are leave Providence on the 10:00am flight Sat June 24th, arrive at RPR Universal around 1 or 2pm. Spend 5 nights at RPR club level, and then return on the 8:00pm flight on 6/29. And, the kids don’t know yet! They still think we are going next year. They know we are excited about plane tickets, but they think we are flying to Philadelphian and then renting a car to go to Hershey.

I have even changed my countdown again. DD hasn’t been on DC since she was looking over my shoulder and read about the surprise trip. SO, I’m just going to risk that she won’t think to come back until June! :tongue:


That is a really good price!


BONG! You are now free to move about the country…

Congrats to you. That’s a GREAT rate…


OMG! That’s a GREAT price!! You rock!


That is an Awesome price! Good things come to those who wait!


DING! I, too, am booked. $79 each way from Baltimore to WDW! TOO COOL. Like the boy in the commercial - “I’m too excited to sleep”


Now you won’t have to post about “why won’t sw cooperate” any more. Hooray and congrats on that great price!


So, I had canceled our Busch Garden trip in June, Helena wasn’t really up for it. And today I was just surfing around seeing whats out there for airfare. I started looking at July with Southwest and the Internet Special was there for the asking. I told myself that no way I could be that lucky so I went right to SOG site and put in some dates and to my wonder those dates were open. I was almost giddy (as giddy as an old Grumpy can get) but I had to get permission from da boss, I called her at work and she gave me the go ahead! So, I got great airfare and our favorite resort on the cheap! July 5th-12th! :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:


Oh happiness! I am happy for E&B’s mom and for Franco too! Great fares you guys!


HEY What about me? I got a good fare, too. Don’t you like me anymore?


No silly, I just :wub: you!!!

Yes, of course, I am ecstatic for you!!


:tongue: :tongue: :tongue: I feel better now


Awesome rates, guys!!! Doesn’t it feel great to get the airfare booked and out of the way? And at a great price to boot???


woooooooooo that’s a great rate!! I hope I can find a great one for May.


When I saw yesterday that it ws open I was hoping your wait was worth it E&B’smom. I am happy you, and everyone else, got a good deal :happy:


Score, Maggie!! That’s a great price. I am SO envious! I just adored my time at the HRH. It was decadent!

Please order one foo-foo drink in the pool and think of me. Ahhhh…


Absolutely ddoll!!! I can just picture myself now, lounging by the pool with a foo-foo!
Congratulations Franco!!! And Boss Mouse!!!

BTW, DD (the nosy one) just glanced over my shoulder, but my signature wasn’t up - so she couldn’t notice the countdown - I chewed her out!!! So far it is still a surprise!


Yeah! I was REALLY getting sick of that thread :tongue:


OK - we need to start a new dance around here called the “I timed my airfare right” dance.

I just checked my dates again for fun, and if I were to book the same exact flights on the same dates right now I would pay almost $400 per ticket. $1590 total for 4 of us. It pays to be diligent! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Franco & Boss Mouse - what would yours be now?


I just did the same thing, a few days ago $542.00 for all four of us, and just now $942.00!! Lets keep dancing!! :happy: :happy: