I got out package. cm


yep I came home from work today after a particularly weird day… our entire computer system went down… so i went on my phone and read MB for 2 hours.lol . anyway. when i got home there on the table next the electric bill. was my packet from disney I got it and the luggage tags are so darn cute love them… . now it seems real :mickey::laugh:


I was wondering if you got them today! It does make it seem more real, doesn’t it? Glad that you received them!


Yea, I love getting all our trip stuff in the mail, it makes it so real and I know it’s getting close. Enjoy the next few weeks, time flies once you get there.


i know it feel like now im having fun lets speed up time… and then it is over… the day we come home i have to leave for a mandatory work conference. so i really want time to slow down once we are there. :mickey:


One thing I miss getting. DVC’ers don’t get luggage tags. So happy you got your envelope!